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Films Watched and Included in this Blog - 1940s

When I research an actor or actress I would normally watch a film in its entirety to make sure I have the right information regarding the character name and any other information I care to include. Occasionally, this isn't possible owing to the film being only available in part or not at all so I have to rely on other sources for the picture. This is very rare and I can only think of around three or four instances of this happening in the entire blog. When this does happen I endeavour to credit the source website. Many of the screen caps come from films that I have come across on YouTube, but occasionally I use commerical sources such as DVDs to capture the pictures. I do this blog for educational purposes and to hopefully encourage people to go and watch the film for themselves.

Below is the list of films in chronological order that I have watched to create this blog. All my entries into this blog are of actor or actresses who have appeared in films or television sometime between 1988 and 1969. Later films are only included where there were actors in them from the aforementioned period. For example, Jack Nicholson began his film career in the 1950s and was still acting in the 2010s and therefore any film I watch with Jack Nicholson in will be included.

Next to the film title is the names of all of the actors, actresses and extras known to have appeared in the film. Some will have links to take you to thir page in this blog.

[PLEASE NOTE: This cross-referencing project is a work in progress.]

Films Watched and Included in this Blog

The 1940s


The Bank Dick

[W.C. Fields, Cora Witherspoon, Una Merkel, Evelyn Del Rio, Jessie Ralph, Franklin Pangborn, Shemp Howard, Dick Purcell, Grady Sutton, Russell Hicks, Pierre Watkin, Al Hill, George Moran, Bill Wolfe, Jack Norton, Pat West, Reed Hadley, Heather Wilde, Harlan Briggs, William Alston, Eddie Acuff, Lowden Adams, Fay Adler, Vangie Beilby, Becky Bohanon, Melinda Boss, Tom Braunger, Nora Cecil, Jack Rube Clifford, Eddie Coke, Russell Coles, Gene Collins, Jan Duggan, Eddie Dunn, Mary Field, Monty Ford, Jack Gargan, Dolly Haas, Larry Harris, Charles Hart, Fay Holderness, Bobby Larson, Carey Loftin, Billy Mitchell, Patsy Moran, Joseph North, William J. O'Brien, Pat O'Malley, David Oliver, John Rawlings, Sam Rice, Jack Roper, Margaret Seddon, Charles Sullivan, Kay Sutton, Emma Tansey, Edward Thomas, David Thursby, Frankie Van, Dorothy Vernon, Emmett Vogan, Max Wagner, Frank Ward, Bonnie Washington]

Haunted House

[Jackie Moran, Marcia Mae Jones, George Cleveland, Christian Rub, Henry Hall, John St. Polis, Clarence Wilson, Mary Carr, Jessie Arnold, Hooper Atchley, Marcelle Ray, Buddy Swan, Horace B. Carpenter, Jack Cheatham, Robert Dudley, Frank LaRue, Hal Price, Henry Roquemore]


The Gay Falcon

[George Sanders, Wendy Barrie, Allen Jenkins, Nina Vale, Gladys Cooper, Edward Brophy, Arthur Shields, Damian O'Flynn, Turhan Bey, Eddie Dunn, Lucile Gleason, Willie Fung, Florence Bates, Polly Bailey, Bobby Barber, James Blaine, Lee Bonnell, Jimmy Conlin, Hans Conried, Sheldon Jett, Lew Kelly, Paul Norby, Frank O'Connor, Mickey Phillips, Joey Ray, Robert Smith, Walter Soderling, Virginia Vale]

Hard Guy

[Jack La Rue, Mary Healy, Kane Richmond, Iris Adrian, Gayle Mellott, Jack Mulhall, Howard Banks, Ben Taggart, C. Montague Shaw, Inna Gest, Arthur Gardner, Eduardo Durant, Jack Cheatham, Tristram Coffin, Joel Friedkin, William Gould, Irving Mitchell, Milburn Morante, Robert Walker, Lillian Harmer]


The Big Street

[Henry Fonda, Lucille Ball, Barton MacLane, Eugene Pallette, Agnes Moorehead, Sam Levene, Ray Collins, Marion Martin, William T. Orr, George Cleveland, Vera Gordon, Ozzie Nelson, Don Barclay, Louise Beavers, Anthony Blair, Charles Cane, Jack Chefe, James Conaty, Hans Conried, Helen Dickson, James Dime, Mimi Doyle, Eddie Dunn, Peter Duray, Jay Eaton, Catherine Fleyton, Bess Flowers, Ross Forrester, Karen X. Gaylord, Charlie Hall, William Halligan, Mary Halsey, Art Hamburger, Bert Hanlon, Sam Harris, Jack Herrick, Chet Huntley, John Indrisano, Warren Jackson, Tiny Jones, Donald Kerr, Wilbur Mack, George Magrill, Richard Martin, Eric Mayne, Wayne McCoy, George McKay, Tony Merlo, John Miljan, Harold Miller, John 'Skins' Miller, Millard Mitchell, Lee Moore, Bert Moorhouse, Frank Moran, Joe Niemeyer, George Noisom, Barry Norton, Frank O'Connor, Jimmy O'Gatty, Gil Perkins, Bob Perry, Jack Perry, Ralph Peters, Addison Richards, Dewey Robinson, Shimen Ruskin, Hector V. Sarno, Jeffrey Sayre, Scaduto, Harry Shannon, Walter Soderling, Sammy Stein, Mary Stuart, Ann Summers, Julius Tannen, Jim Toney, Juan Varro, Arnold Virt, Russell Wade, Sally Wadworth, Julie Warren, Harry Wilson, Marie Windsor, Lou Wood]

A Date with the Falcon

[George Sanders, Wendy Barrie, James Gleason, Allen Jenkins, Mona Maris, Fred Aldrich, Eddie Arden, Bobby Barber, Roxanne Barkley, Anthony Blair, Eddie Borden, Jack Carr, Jack Chefe, Russ Clark, Leo Cleary, Hans Conried, Alec Craig, Aline Dixon, Eddie Dunn, Art Dupuis, William Forrest, Edward Gargan, Eddie Hart, Youda Hayes, Selmer Jackson, Victor Kilian, Harry Lee, Frank Martinelli, Malcom 'Bud' McTaggart, Frank Moran, Amarilla Morris, Paul Newlan, Frank O'Connor, Earle Ross, Dick Rush, Elizabeth Russell, Mickey Simpson, Douglas Spencer, Al Sullivan]

The Falcon Take Over

[George Sanders, Lynn Bari, James Gleason, Allen Jenkins, Helen Gilbert, William Alland, Roxanne Barkley, Turhan Bey, Ward Bond, Fred Carpenter, George Cleveland, Hans Conried, Kernan Cripps, Eddie Dew, Frank Fanning, George Ford, Edward Gargan, Charlie Hall, Selmer Jackson, Warren Jackson, Lew Kelly, Mike Lally, Thomas Martin, Gayle Mellott, Bert Moorhouse, Amarilla Morris, Paul Norby, Barry Norton, William H. O'Brien, Frank O'Connor, Tom Quinn, Bob Reeves, Anne Revere, Louise Ritchie, Harry Shannon, Mickey Simpson, Robert Smith, Chester Tallman, Ken Terrell, Elinor Troy, Dale Van Sickel, Juan Varro]

The Falcon's Brother

[George Sanders, Tom Conway, Jane Randolph, Don Barclay, Cliff Clark, Edward Gargan, Eddie Dunn, Charlotte Wynters, James Newill, Keye Luke, Amanda Varela, George J. Lewis, Gwili Andre, Kay Aldridge, Charles Arnt, Brooks Benedict, Ralph Brooks, Georgia Carroll, Eddy Chandler, Andre Charlot, John Dilson, Ludwig Donath, Jay Eaton, William Forrest, Jack Gargan, Mary Halsey, Bonnie Kildare, Marten Lamont, Perc Launders, Wilbur Mack, Andre Marsaudon, Mickey Martin, Richard Martin, Manuel Paris, Tom Quinn, Carl Stockdale, Ann Summers, Tommy Tucker, Max Waizmann, Julie Warren, Allen Wood]

Four Jacks and a Jill

[Ray Bolger, Anne Shirley, June Havoc, Desi Arnaz, Jack Durant, Eddie Foy Jr., Fritz Feld, Henry Daniell, Joseph E. Bernard, William Blees, Fortunio Bonanova, Jack Briggs, Jack Carr, Rosemary Coleman, Roy Crane, Jack Gardner, Jack Gargan, Eddie Hart, Patti Lacey, Florence Lake, Max Lucke, Frank Martinelli, Norman Mayes, Pat McKee, Mantan Moreland, Amarilla Morris, Ted O'Shea, Bob Perry, Constantine Romanoff, Robert Smith, Rafael Storm, Grady Sutton, Nina Wayler, Leo White, Marie Windsor, Jane Woodworth, Armand 'Curly' Wright]

Mexican Spitfire Sees a Ghost

[Lupe Velez, Leon Errol, Charles 'Buddy' Rogers, Elisabeth Risdon, Donald MacBride, Minna Gombell, Don Barclay, John McGuire, Lillian Randolph, Mantan Moreland, Harry Tyler, Marten Lamont, Richard Martin, Barbara Moffett, Linda Rivas, Mary Stuart, Sally Wadsworth, Julie Warren, Jane Woodworth]

Powder Town

[Victor McLaglen, Edmond O'Brien, June Havoc, Dorothy Lovett, Eddie Foy Jr., Damian O'Flynn, Marten Lamont, Roy Gordon, Marion Martin, Mary Gordon, Frances E. Neal, Julie Warren, Jane Woodworth, George Cleveland, John McGuire, Murray Alper, Walter Baldwin, Bobby Barber, Stanley Blystone, Selmer Jackson, Frank McLure, Frank Mills, Netta Packer, Jack Perry, Charles Schaeffer, Carl Sklover, Tom Steele, Sammy Stein, Sally Wadsworth]

A Yank in Libya

[Walter Woolf King, Joan Woodbury, H.B. Warner, Harry Parke, Duncan Ronaldo, George J. Lewis, Wilhelm von Brincken, Howard Banks, Amarilla Morris, Jack O'Shea]


The Falcon in Danger

[Tom Conway, Jean Brooks, Elaine Shepard, Amelita Ward, Cliff Clark, Edward Gargan, Clarence Kolb, Felix Basch, Richard Davies, Richard Martin, Erford Gage, Eddie Dunn, Robert Andersen, Hooper Atchley, Bobby Barber, Joan Barclay, Eddie Borden, Lynton Brent, Jack Chefe, James Conaty, Oliver Cross, George DeNormand, Art Dupuis, Bruce Edwards, Jack Gargan, Bud Geary, Rudy Germaine, Selmer Jackson, Elmer Jerome, Robert Emmett Keane, Lew Kelly, Rosemary La Planche, Max Linder, Jack Mulhall, Jack Perrin, Cyril Ring, Ronald R. Rondell, Harry Semels, Bob Thorn, Charles Trowbridge, Sid Troy, Russell Wade, Ian Wolfe]


The Falcon Out West

[Tom Conway, Carole Gallagher, Barbara Hale, Joan Barclay, Cliff Clark, Edward Gargan, Minor Watson, Donald Douglas, Lyle Talbot, Lee Trent, Perc Launders, Robert Andersen, Paul Bradley, Patti Brill, Tom Burton, Wheaton Chambers, Edward Clark, Harry Clay, J. W. Cody, Zedra Conde, Kernan Cripps, Jack Gargan, Edmund Glover, Mary Halsey, Daun Kennedy, Rosemary La Planche, Mike Lally, Margaret Landry, Barbara Lynn, Thomas Martin, Norman Mayes, Chef Milani, Bill Nestell, Shirley O'Hara, 'Snub' Pollard, Elaine Riley, Bert Roach, Jeffrey Sayre, Rudy Sooter, Michael St. Angel, Chief Thunderbird, Lawrence Tierney, Slim Whitaker, Norman Willis, Steve Winston]

Three of a Kind

[Billy Gilbert, Shemp Howard, Maxie Rosenbloom, Helen Gilbert, June Lang, Robert 'Buzz' Henry, Paul Phillips, Wheeler Oakman, Franklin Parker, Marie Austin, Sheila Roberts, Robert McKenzie, Syd Saylor, Harris Ashburn, Jimie Haine, Dick Carlton, Frank Jaquet, Milton Kibbee]


Dick Tracy

[Morgan Conway, Anne Jeffreys, Mike Mazurki, Jane Greer, Lyle Latell, Joseph Crehan, Mickey Kuhn, Trevor Bardette, Morgan Wallace, Milton Parsons, William Halligan, Sam Ash, Gertrude Astor, Tanis Chandler, Jack Chefe, Mary Currier, Robert Douglas, Ralph Dunn, Bruce Edwards, Edythe Elliott, Franklyn Farnum, Carl Faulkner, Jack Gargan, Edmund Glover, Carl Hanson, Jimmy Jordan, Kenner G. Kemp, Mike Lally, Wilbur Mack, George Magrill, Alphonse Martell, Frank Meredith, Harold Miller, Bruce Mitchell, Tommy Noonan, Florence Pepper, Alexander Pollard, Bob Reeves, Jason Robards, Sr., Harry Strang]

The Falcon in San Francisco

[Tom Conway, Rita Corday, Edward Brophy, Sharyn Moffett, Fay Helm, Robert Armstrong, Carl Kent, George Holmes, John Mylong, Dorothy Adams, Joan Beckstead, Sammy Blum, Kernan Cripps, Russell Custer, Myrna Dell, Ralph Dunn, Margaret Farrell, Jack Gargan, Edmund Glover, Sam Harris, Perc Launders, Norman Mayes, Philip Morris, Eden Nicholas, William J. O'Brien, Jason Robards Sr., Max Rose, Jeffrey Sayre, Maxine Semon, Hermine Sterler, Harry Strang, Johnny Strong, Victor Travis, Linda Van Loon, Napoleon Whiting, Mary Worth]

The Missing Corpse

[J. Edward Bromberg, Isabel Randolph, Frank Jenks, Eric Sinclair, Paul Guilfoyle, Ben Welden, Charles Coleman, Eddy Waller, Elayne Adams, Mary Arden, Bess Flowers, Charles Jordan, Anne O'Neal, Jean Ransome, John Shay, Lorell Sheldon, Ken Terrell, Archie Twitchell, Isabel Withers]

State Fair

[Jeanne Crain, Dana Andrews, Dick Haymes, Vivian Blaine, Charles Winninger, Fay Bainter, Donald Meek, Frank McHugh, Percy Kilbride, Harry Morgan, Jane Nigh, William Marshall, Phil Brown, Robert Adler, Hal Aldridge III, Russell Ash, Dorothy Bailer, Lee Bailey, Walter Baldwin, Ray Barons, Brooks Benedict, Joseph E. Bernard, Eddie Borden, Harlan Briggs, Virginia Brissac, Esther Brodelet, Paul E. Burns, Wheaton Chambers, Lorraine Collier, Clancy Cooper, Frank Dae, John Dehner, Jo-Carroll Dennison, Harry Depp, Earle S. Dewey, Cathy Downs, Eddie Dunn, Tom Fadden, James Farley, Alice Fleming, Diane Florentine, Bess Flowers, Francis Ford, William Frambes, Al Gallagher, Janet Graves, Coleen Gray, Neal Hart, Paul Harvey, Louanne Hogan, Reed Howes, Jack Jackson, Adele Jergens, Jack Kenyon, Warren Lane, Nolan Leary, Louis Manley, Mary Manners, Vie Mansfield, Mae Marsh, Frank Mayo, Jean McClure, Pat McKee, Buddy Moore, Steve Olson, Charles Owens, Emory Parnell, Eleanor Peterson, 'Snub' Pollard, Larraine Relmer, Buddy Robinson, John Roche, Jack Ross, Mario Salvaneschi, Ralph Sanford, Frank J. Scannell, Harry Semels, Almira Sessions, Ed Stanbridge, Les Stanford, Mary Stewart, Hal Taggart, Phil Tead, Jim Toney, Valerie Traxler, Minerva Urecal, Vanita Wade, Josephine Whittell, Margo Woode, Will Wright]



[Pat O'Brien, Claire Trevor, Herbert Marshall, Ray Collins, Wallace Ford, Dean Harens, Damian O'Flynn, Erskine Sanford, Mary Ware, Alex Akimoff, John Ardell, Gertrude Astor, Guy Beach, Bonnie Blair. Robert Bray, George Bruggeman, Jack Cheatham, Ellen Corby, Delmar Costello, Roger Creed, Kernan Cripps, Lee Elson, Franklyn Farnum, Carl Faulkner, J. C. Fowler, Edward Gargan, Jack Gargan, Belle Green, Chuck Hamilton, Alvin Hammer, Carl Hansen, Harry Harvey, Alf Haugan, Al Hill, Fred Hueston, John Ince, John Indrisano, Gloria Jetter, Tiny Jones, Joseph Kamaryt, Colin Kenny, Sam Lufkin, Sam McDaniel, Chef Milani, Harry Monty, Frank Moran, Philip Morris, Horace Murphy, Tommy Noonan, Jimmy O'Gatty, Eddie Parks, Bob Pepper, Rose Plumer, Dick Rush, Shimen Ruskin, Dick Ryan, Jeffrey Sayre, Frank Shannon, Harry Shannon, Cap Somers, Tex Swan, Robert White, Eric Wilton, Dorothea Wolbert]


Magic Town

[James Stewart, Jane Wyman, Kent Smith, Ned Sparks, Wallace Ford, Regis Toomey, Ann Doran, Donald Meek, E.J. Ballantine, Ann Shoemaker, Mickey Kuhn, Howard Freeman, Harry Holman, Mary Currier, Mickey Roth, Frank Fenton, George Irving, Selmer Jackson, Robert Dudley, Julia Dean, Joel Friedkin, Paul Scardon, George Chandler, Frank Darien, Larry Wheat, Jimmy Crane, Richard Belding, Danny Mummert, Griff Barnett, Ralph Brooks, John Butler, Wheaton Chambers, Edgar Dearing, Joan Delmer, Helen Dickson, Dick Elliott, Tom Fadden, Franklyn Farnum, Charles Ferguson, Bess Flowers, William Forrest, Jack Gargan, Joseph Granby, William Haade, Bert Hanlon, Sam Harris, Gabriel Heatter, Al Hill, Eddie Kane, Tom Kennedy, Robert Malcolm, Knox Manning, Frank Marlowe, Thomas Martin, Paul Maxey, Mickey McGuire, Frank McLure, Bert Moorhouse, Philip Morris, Forbes Murray, William Newell, Ken Niles, William H. O'Brien, Anne O'Neal, Garry Owen, Eddie Parks, Vic Perrin, Lee Phelps, 'Snub' Pollard, Cyril Ring, John Sheehan, Harry Tenbrook, Jim Toney, Arthur Tovey, Emmett Vogan, Nella Walker, Ray Walker, Eddy Waller, Bobby Warde, Billy Wayne, Dick Wessel, Lee 'Lasses' White, Joe Yule]



A Woman's Secret

[Maureen O'Hara, Melvyn Douglas, Gloria Grahame, Bill Williams, Victor Jory, Mary Philips, Jay C. Flippen, Robert Warwick, Curt Conway, Ann Shoemaker, Virginia Farmer, Ellen Corby, Emory Parnell, Fred Aldrich, C. Bakaleinikoff, Guy Beach, Conrad Binyon, Oliver Blake, Raymond Bond, Eddie Borden, Tome Coleman, James Conaty, Bert Davidson, Marcel De la Brosse, George Douglas, Dan Foster, Donna Gibson, John Goldsworthy, Paul Guilfoyle, Alvin Hammer, John Laing, Robert Malcolm, Rory Mallinson, Frank Marlowe, Alphonse Martell, Ralph Montgomery, Forbes Murray, Frederic Nay, Norman Nesbitt, John Parrish, Lee Phelps, 'Snub' Pollard, Bill Purington, Suzanne Ridgway, Jack Rourke, Scott Seaton, Mickey Simpson, Ralph Stein, Evelyn Underwood, Loreli Vitek, Charles Wagenheim, Lynn Whitney, Bernice Young]

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