Monday 5 November 2018

James C. Morton

Born: 25 August 1884, Helena, Montana, USA
Died: 24 October 1942, Reseda, California, USA

Taxi for Two (1932) as Judge J. A. Morton

Miracles for Sale (1939) as Blackie, the Electrician (uncredited)

On the left is Robert Young.

Tell No Tales (1939) as Crowd Controll Policeman (uncredited)
James C. Morton is on the left, with Douglass Dumbrille on the right. Zeffie Tilbury is pushing her way through the middle.

Danger on Wheels (1940) as Frank, Police Officer (uncredited)

James C. Morton is on the left, with Andy Devine

A Tragedy at Midnight (1942) as Chubby Detective (uncredited)

Seated is Tim Ryan.

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