Friday 27 May 2022

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After 10 years of doing this blog I've decided to add a 'Blog Updates' post so that you can see the new additions, some of which are just additional entries on existing posts ('Additional pictures added'). I may also post my thoughts on some of the identifications I've come across. All of my pictures are captured from the films and are not studio stills. There are a handful of exceptions where it was impossible to get a picture any other way because the film is lost or tucked away in a private collection.
Please remember that I do this alone and unpaid. So please don't upload any of my pictures to websites that make millions of dollars, like IMDB. Those websites should be employing people to do it for them not relying on free handouts from you and me.
New updates will be added at the top of the post.

1st October 2023

As I've not been updating this part of the blog the way I first intended, I thought it would be better if I used it to report on important updates and landmarks only. I just don't have the time to continue the way I was before. I think this will speed things up in making this blog a more complete place to find the actor and actresses you are looking for.
12th July 2023
Been a long time since I posted here although things have been happening on this blog. Finished watching Private Number (1936).
Additional pictures added: Loretta Young, Patsy Kelly, Basil Rathbone, Joe E. Lewis. Paul Harvey, Jane Darwell, Paul Stanton, John Miljan, Billy Bevan, George Irving, May Beatty, Jack Pennick, Kane Richmond, Anne Howard, Herbert Ashley, Douglas Fowley, Bud Geary, Fred Kelsey, Scotty Mattraw, Paul McVey,
Also sorted out the problem with Eleanor Fredericks and Lilyan Irene. Both are now correct. [Credit must go to the site Another Nice Mess for sorting this one out.]

20th January 2023

19th January 2023
Watched two shorts starring Elsa Lanchester, The Tonic (1928) and Blue Bottles (1928), both written by H.G. Wells for Elsa.
New actors added: Leslie Banks,   
18th January 2023
Watched 'The Bell Hop (1921)' starring Larry Semon.
New actors added: Larry Semon (don't know why it took so long to add him), Norma Nichols, Eugene Jackson
Additional pictures added: Oliver Hardy
17th January 2023
New actors added: Wanda Wiley, Al Alt, George A. Williams,   

Additional pictures added: Dorothy Vernon,
25th December 2022
Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays.
21st December 2022
I have been doing a bit of skimming over the past month and a half. This is where I go against my own rules and flick through a film in order to find some of the more obvious actors in it. The reason that I'm doing this is simply to move this blog on a bit. I feel that after ten years I should be much further along. Work over the Holiday Season has increased for me to the point where I find myself struggling to put in the hours I would like to watch rare films, identifying new and obscure actors.
Additional pictures added: ZaSu Pitts

3 December 2022

I was watching a short comedy from Hal Roach Studios called 'Number, Please? (1920)' starring Harold Lloyd. There in the opening sequence was a wide shot of a casino. In the middle was an easily identifiable Lyle Tayo, although she was not in focus. This appears to be the earliest known film that Lyle appeared in.
11th November 2022
New actors added: Jean Carmen,  
1st November 2022
Trying to make some major updates to the year sections with cross referencing lists for films of each year. There will be many without links on them at all to begin with, but I hope to improve on this soon.
New actors added: Robert Donat,  
Additional pictures added: 
28th October 2022
New actors added: Edward Kilroy,  
27th October 2022
Continuing to add actors from the film 'Miracles for Sal (1939)'. Also watched 'The Tiniest of Stars (1913)'.

Additional pictures added: Harold Minjir, Truman Bradley, Marie Eline, Cyril Ring,   
26th October 2022
The whole point of me watching the film 'Miracles for Sale (1939)' was because IMDB gave Field Norton a character name. This is another instance where I am relying entirely on the information handed to me and at the moment I'm not able to confirm Mr. Norton's identity. I haven't been able to find this particular face in 'Foreign Correspondent (1940)' but I will endeavour to prove one way or another the validity of the information.

22nd October 2022
Watched 'Miracles for Sale (1939)'.
Additional pictures added: E. Alyn Warren, James C. Morton, William Demarest,     
21st October 2022
New actors added: Carl M. Leviness, Eric Mayne, Sam Harris,    

Additional pictures added: Edmund Mortimer, Lee Bowman
20th October 2022
I have had an extended break during which I have hardly looked at this blog. I am quite looking forward to jumping back in and adding new stuff as well as revisiting films I still need to finish.
Additional pictures added: Jack Rice, Peter Vaughan, Bernard Cribbins, Larry Wheat, James Bell,     
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