Tuesday 31 January 2023

Lorena Carr

Born: 20 September 1911, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
Died: 26 August 1964, Los Angeles, California, USA
County Hospital (1932) as Nurse at Reception Desk (uncredited)
With Stan Laurel
For a long time I thought this was Dorothy Layton, but after checking with the updates on another site Another Nice Mess it appears that I and many other people were wrong. I'm glad that this is now correct.

Friday 20 January 2023

Deanna Durbin

Born: 4 December 1921, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Died: 17 April 2013, Paris, France

Because of Him (1946) as Kim Walker

Charles Laughton raises his finger to Deanna Durbin.

Estelle Winwood

Born: 24 January 1883, Lee, Kent, England, UK
Died: 20 June 1984, Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA

Murder by Death (1976) as Nurse

Chris Alcaide

Born: 22 October 1923, Youngstown, Ohio, USA
Died: 30 June 2004, Palm Springs, California, USA

The Kid from Broken Gun (1952) as Matt Fallon (uncredited)

Angela Stevens

Born: 8 May 1925, Eagle Rock, Los Angeles, California, USA
Died: 17 March 2016, Canyon Lake, Riverside County, California, USA 

The Kid from Broken Gun (1952) as Gail Kingston

Smiley Burnette

Born: 18 March 1911, Summum, Illinois, USA
Died: 16 February 1967, Encino, Los Angeles, California, USA

The Kid from Broken Gun (1952) as Smiley Burnette

Jock Mahoney

Born: 7 February 1919, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Died: 14 December 1989, Bremerton, Washington, USA

The Kid from Broken Gun (1952) as Jack Mahoney (Credited as Jack Mahoney)

Charles Starrett

Born: 28 March 1903, Athol, Massachusetts, USA
Died: 22 March 1986, Borrego Springs, California, USA

The Kid from Broken Gun (1952) as Steve Reynolds / The Durango Kid

Charles Starrett is on the right, with Smiley Burnette.

Thursday 19 January 2023

Leslie Banks

Born: 9 June 1890, West Derby, England, UK
Died: 21 April 1952, London, England, UK
Jamaica Inn (1939) as Joss Merlyn


Wednesday 18 January 2023

Eugene Jackson

Born: 25 December 1916, Buffalo, New York, USA
Died: 26 October 2001, Compton, California, USA
Flirty Four-Flushers (1926) as Kid Eating Watermelon


Norma Nichols

Born: 7 January 1894, Santa Ana, California, USA
Died: 27 November 1989, Los Angeles, California, USA
A silent screen actress who had retired from films long before the 'birth' of sound.
The Bell Hop (1921) as A Maid



Larry Semon

Born: 16 July 1889, West Point, Mississippi, USA
Died: 8 October 1928, Gracelon Ranch, near Victorville, California, USA
The Bell Hop (1921) as The Bell Hop



Sammy Brooks

Born: 10 July 1891, New York, USA
Died: 16 May 1951, Los Angeles, California, USA
Shine 'Em Up (1922) as Justice of the Peace
Sammy Brooks in the middle is presiding over the wedding of Jobyna Ralston and James Parrott. On the left is Eddie Baker.

George A. Williams

Born: 11 August 1854, Kinnikinnic, Wisconsin, USA
Died: 21 February 1936, Los Angeles, California, USA
The Queen of Aces (1925) as The Boy's Father


Tuesday 17 January 2023

Al Alt

Born: 8 October 1897, New York City, New York, USA
Died: 8 February 1992, Santa Monica, California, USA
The Queen of Aces (1925) as Mary's Sweetie

With Wanda Wiley.

Wanda Wiley

Born: 20 April 1902, New Boston, Texas, USA
Died: 29 March 1987, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
The Queen of Aces (1925) as Mary

With Al Alt.
Won by Law (1925) as 


The Speedy Marriage (1925) as

Flying Wheels (1926) as Dotty

A Thrilling Romance (1926) as 

Saturday 7 January 2023

Michael Rennie

Born: 25 August 1909, Bradford, West Yorkshire, England, UK
Died: 10 June 1971, Harrogate, Yorkshire, England, UK
Miss Pilgrim's Progress (1949) as Bob Thane


Yolande Donlan

Born: 2 June 1920, Jersey City, New Jersey, USA
Died: 30 December 2014, London, England, UK
Miss Pilgrim's Progress (1949) as Laramie Pilgrim



Jon Pertwee

Born: 7 July 1919, Chelsea, London, England, UK
Died: 20 May 1996, Timber Lake, Connecticut, USA
Miss Pilgrim's Progress (1949) as Postman Perkins