Tuesday 6 August 2013

Dorothy Vernon

Born: 11 November 1875, Germany
Died: 28 October 1970, Granada Hills, California, USA
Dorothy Vernon was a stage actress who appeared on Broadway five times between 1911 and 1937 and who entered films during the silent era and went on to make over 200 appearances, usually in walk-on roles or small speaking parts. Not to be confused with the British actress of the same name and the same era.
The Queen of Aces (1925) as The Boy's Mother

I Hate Women (1934) as Mrs. Black
Dorothy Vernon talks to Bradley Page. This is all we see of Dorothy in this film.

Four Wives (1939) as Guest at Wedding Reception (uncredited)

Dorothy Vernon is the small lady on the far left, in the background. In the foreground are Lottie Williams, Frank McHugh and Lola Lane.

The Bank Dick (1940) as Townswoman (uncredited)

Dorothy is bottom left of this picture.

Passport to Destiny (1944) as Second Scrubwoman (uncredited)

Marked Trails (1944) as Lily Morgan (uncredited)

Dorothy Vernon is on the right.

Magic Town (1947) as Townswoman (uncredited)

Dorothy Vernon is at the bottom of the picture on the left.

And here's a closer look.

Knock On Any Door (1949) as Knitter in court (uncredited)
Dorothy is knitting, on the left of this picture, next to Candy Toxton whilst watching the court case.

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