Thursday 30 June 2016

Harvey Grant

Born: 10 April 1946, Los Angeles, California, USA

It Happens Every Thursday (1953) as Steve MacAvoy

Jerry Lewis

Born: 16 March 1926, Newark, New Jersey, USA
Died: 20 August 2017, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

At War with the Army (1950) as Pfc. Alvin Korwin

Wednesday 29 June 2016

Dot Farley

Born: 6 February 1881, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Died: 2 May 1971, South Pasadena, California, USA
Dot Farley was a writer and actress from the early silent era who went on to appear in around 350 short comedies between 1910 and 1948.
The Red Kimona (1925) as The Inquisitive One

Good Housewrecking (1933) as Mother-in-Law
Quiet Please! (1933) as Florence's mother
With William Eugene.

William Eugene

Born: 16 September 1902, San Francisco, California, USA
Died: 23 January 1948, Los Angeles, California, USA
Appeared in a series of Edgar Kennedy short comedies. 
Good Housewrecking (1933) as Brother-in-Law
William Eugene is the man on the left, with Dot Farley, Florence Lake and Edgar Kennedy. An Edgar Kennedy comedy short.
Quiet Please! (1933) as Florence's brother
With Dot Farley. An Edgar Kennedy comedy short.

Bud Jamison

Born: 15 February 1895, Vallejo, California, USA
Died: 30 September 1944, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA

Taxi for Two (1932) as Traffic Cop (uncredited)

Good Housewrecking (1933) as Butler (Credited as Bud Jameson)

Arthur Housman is seated. Arthur calls him 'Jamison' in this short Edgar Kennedy comedy.

Quiet Please! (1933) as Lawman escorting prisoner (uncredited)

An Edgar Kennedy comedy short.

Dizzy Doctors (1937) as Cop (uncredited)

Crime Rave (1939) as Henry, the Brother (Credited as Bud Jameson)

With Vivian Tobin. A Leon Errol comedy short.

Slightly Honorable (1939) as Humboldt, the cop (uncredited)

Bud Jamison is on the right, with Pat O'Brien.

Charles Dow Clark

Born: September 1869, St. Albans, Vermont, USA
Died: 26 March 1959, New York City, New York, USA

Charles Dow Clark was primarily a stage actor. He appeared on Broadway in a career spanning more than 35 years.

Quiet Please! (1933) as W.W. Wellington, the boss

Tuesday 28 June 2016

Judy Canova

Born: 20 November 1913, Starke, Florida, USA
Died: 5 August 1983, Hollywood, California, USA

Lay That Rifle Down (1955) as Judy Canova

Monday 27 June 2016

Lela Bliss

Born: 11 May 1896, Los Angeles, California, USA
Died: 15 May 1980, Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA

Gas House Kids Go West (1947) as Mrs. Crowley

Lela Bliss is in the middle of Emory Parnell and Chili Williams.

Wednesday 22 June 2016

Pauline Frederick

Born: 12 August 1883, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Died: 19 September 1938, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA

Wayward (1932) as Mrs. Eleanor Frost

Saturday 18 June 2016

Maria Montez

Born: 6 June 1912, Barahona, Dominican Republic
Died: 7 September 1951, Paris, France
Arabian Nights (1942) as Sherazade
Throughout this film her name sounds more like 'Sheharazade'.
Tangier (1946) as Rita

Siren of Atlantis (1949) as Queen Antinea

Louise Allbritton

Born: 3 July 1920, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA
Died: 16 February 1979, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Tangier (1946) as Dolores

Victor Mature

Born: 29 January 1913, Louisville, Kentucky, USA
Died: 4 August 1999, Rancho Santa Fe, California, USA

Captain Caution (1940) as Dan Marvin

Fury at Furnace Creek (1948) as Cash Blackwell / Tex Cameron

William Lundigan

Born: 12 June 1914, Syracuse, New York, USA
Died: 20 December 1975, Duarte, California, USA

Dishonored Lady (1947) as Jack Garet

State Department: File 649 (1949) as Ken

William Lundigan chats to Virginia Bruce.

Gloria Winters

Born: 28 November 1931, Los Angeles, California, USA
Died: 14 August 2010, Vista, San Diego County, California, USA

Gloria Winters found most of her acting success in television series like 'The Life of Riley' (1949) and 'Sky King' (1952).

El Paso (1949) as Francine Maylon (uncredited)

In this poor quality picture, Gloria Winters is on the far left. Peggy McIntyre is nearest to John Payne.

The Life of Riley: Peg's Birthday (1950) (Season 1, Episode 14) as Babs Riley

Gloria Winters is on the left, with Maxine Semon.

Peggy McIntyre

Born: 17 January 1932, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

El Paso (1949) as Mary Elizabeth Fletcher (uncredited)

Not a very good quality picture. Peggy McIntyre is closest to John Payne. On the far left is Gloria Winters.

Friday 17 June 2016

Don Beddoe

Born: 1 July 1903, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Died: 19 January 1991, Laguna Hills, California, USA

Five Little Peppers in Trouble (1940) as Process server (uncredited)

Don Beddoe is on the left. George McKay is on the right and Rex Evans has his back to us.

The Best Years of Our Lives (1946) as Mr. Cameron

With Dorothy Adams.

Hoodlum Empire (1952) as Sen. Blake

Don Beddoe is on the right, with Damian O'Flynn.

Perry Mason: The Case of the Drowning Duck (1957) (S01E04) as George Norris

Gladys George

Born: 13 September 1900, Patten, Maine, USA
Died: 8 December 1954, Los Angeles, California, USA
The Best Years of Our Lives (1946) as Hortense Derry
Gladys looks at Dana Andrews as he shakes hands with Roman Bohnen.
Flamingo Road (1949) as Lute Mae Sanders


Roman Bohnen

Born: 24 November 1894, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA
Died: 24 February 1949, Hollywood, California, USA

Roman Bohnen was a noted stage actor. He was an original member of the Group Theatre and later joined The Actor's Laboratory Theatre in Hollywood. Sadly Roman died after suffering a heart attack at the age of 54 while performing in a play. He was blacklisted in 1949 during the McCarthey-era Communist scaremongering and this may have contributed to his heart attack.

The Hairy Ape (1944) as Paddy

The Best Years of Our Lives (1946) as Pat Derry

Roman Bohnen shakes hands with Dana Andrews. Gladys George looks on.

Marlene Aames

Born: unknown

The Best Years of Our Lives (1946) as Luella Parrish

Teddy Infuhr

Born: 9 November 1936, St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Died: 12 May 2007, Thousand Oaks, California, USA

Heavenly Days (1944) as Ilyan - Czech Boy (uncredited)

The Best Years of Our Lives (1946) as Dexter, brat in drugstore (uncredited)

Teddy Infuhr is the little boy behind Dana Andrews. Also in this scene is Claire Du Brey.

Dean White

Born: unknown
Died: unknown

The Best Years of Our Lives (1946) as Novak

Dean White sits opposite Fredric March.

Ruth Sanderson

Born: unknown
Died: unknown

The Best Years of Our Lives (1946) as Mrs. Garrett (uncredited)

Dean White is seated behind Ruth Sanderson. The man on the left is Fredric March.

Virginia Mayo

Born: 30 November 1920, St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Died: 17 January 2005, Thousand Oaks, California, USA

The Best Years of Our Lives (1946) as Marie Derry

Hoagy Carmichael

Born: 22 November 1899, Bloomington, Indiana, USA
Died: 27 December 1981, Rancho Mirage, California, USA

The Best Years of Our Lives (1946) as Butch Engle

It's always refreshing when a film company decides to use a real pianist to play a pianist. No fakery here. 

Belles on Their Toes (1952) as Thomas George Bracken

Michael Hall

Born: 7 September 1927, Visalia, California, USA

The Best Years Of Our Lives (1946) as Rob Stephenson

Thursday 16 June 2016

Nils Asther

Born: 17 January 1897, Hellerup, Denmark
Died: 13 October 1981, Stockholm, Stockholms län, Sweden

Our Dancing Daughters (1928) as Norman

With Dorothy Sebastian.

The Single Standard (1929) as Packy Cannon

Jealousy (1945) as Peter Urban

With Jane Randolph.

Hugo Haas

Born: 18 February 1901, Brünn, Moravia, Austria-Hungary [now Brno, Czech Republic]
Died: 1 December 1968, Vienna, Austria

Jealousy (1945) as Hugo Kral

Adventures in Paradise: Isle of Eden (1960) (Season 1, Episode 19) as Hugo Zagreb

With Yvonne De Carlo.