Thursday 31 July 2014

Amy Dalby

Born: 1888, Clerkenwell, London, England
Died: 10 March 1969, London, England

Smashing Time (1967) as Woman whose house has been demolished

With Peter Jones in a television sequence.

Peter Jones

Born: 12 June 1920, Wem, Shropshire, England
Died: 10 April 2000, Westminster, London, England

The Long Memory (1953) as Fisher

 With Eva Bergh.

Smashing Time (1967) as Dominic

With Lynn Redgrave.

Sydney Bromley

Born: 24 July 1909, London, England
Died: 14 August 1987, Worthing, Sussex, England 
Brief Encounter (1945) as Johnnie - Second Soldier (uncredited)
Sydney Bromley is on the right, with Edward Hodge. Joyce Carey is lady receiving the verbal abuse.
Smashing Time (1967) as Tramp

Paul Danquah

Born: 25 May 1925, London, England

Smashing Time (1967) as 2nd Exquisite

Geoffrey Hughes

Born: 2 February 1944, Wallasey, Cheshire, England
Died: 27 July 2012, The Isle of Wight, Hampshire, England

Smashing Time (1967) as Man in cafe nearly eating liquid manure

Adolf Hitler - My Part in his Downfall (1973) as Larry

George A. Cooper

Born: 7 March 1925, Leeds, England

Smashing Time (1967) as Irishman

Michael York

Born: 27 March 1942, Fulmer, Buckinghamshire, England

Smashing Time (1967) as Tom Wabe

Anna Quayle

Born: 6 October 1932, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England 
Died: 16 August 2019, London, UK
Smashing Time (1967) as Charlotte Brillig

Lynn Redgrave

Born: 8 March 1943, Marylebone, London, England
Died: 2 May 2010, Kent, Connecticut, USA

Smashing Time (1976) asYvonne

Shine (1996) as Gillian

With Geoffrey Rush.

Rita Tushingham

Born: 14 March 1942, Garston, Liverpool, England

Smashing Time (1967) as Brenda

Wednesday 30 July 2014

David Lodge

Born: 19 August 1921, Rochester, Kent, England
Died: 18 October 2003, Northwood, Middlesex, England

The League of Gentlemen (1960) as C.S.M.

Cup Fever (1965) as Mr. Bates

Smashing Time (1967) as The caretaker

Thursday 24 July 2014

Eve Arden

Born: 30 April 1908, Mill Valley, California, USA
Died: 12 November 1990, Los Angeles, California, USA

Eve Arden first appeared on stage at 16 in a touring stock company. Eve appeared on Broadway for the first time in 1934 in the Ziegfeld Follies. Although movie stardom initially eluded her, she was happily carving out a career in supporting roles as a fast-talking, wise-cracking lady in comedies. She found success on television in 1952 in the title role of the series 'Our Miss Brooks' which ran for 130 episodes and was again wonderful in 'The Mothers-In-Law' series of 1967. Comedy was Eve Arden's greatest success for nearly 60 years. In 1983, after more than 40 years away, Eve Arden returned to Broadway for the play 'Moose Murders' although she soon left the production while it was still in its preview stage.

Stage Door (1937) as Eve

Slightly Honorable (1939) as Miss Ater

What's My Line: Episode dated 2nd January 1955 (1955)

Margaret Early

Born: 25 December 1919, Birmingham, Alabama, USA
Died: 29 November 2000, Laguna Beach, California, USA

Stage Door (1937) as Mary Lou

Margaret Early is on the right.

Robert Morley

Born: 26 May 1908, Semley, Wiltshire, England
Died: 3 June 1992, Wargrave, Berkshire, England 
The Battle of the Sexes (1959) as Robert Macpherson

Murder at the Gallop (1963) as Hector Enderby

Constance Cummings

Born: 15 May 1910, Seattle, Washington, USA
Died: 23 November 2005, Oxfordshire, England

Night After Night (1932) as Miss Jerry Healy

Battle of the Sexes (1959) as Angela Barrows

Peter Sellers

Born: 8 September 1925, Southsea, Hampshire, England
Died: 24 July 1980, Lambeth, London, England

Battle of the Sexes (1959) as Mr. Martin

What's New Pussycat? (1965) as Dr. Fritz Fassbender

With Peter O'Toole.

Where Does It Hurt? (1972) as Dr. Albert T. Hopfnagel

Wednesday 23 July 2014

Mike McCarthy

Born: unknown
Died: unknown

Recoil (1953) as Taxi driver

Mike McCarthy is on the right, with John Horsley, seated, and Robert Raglan.

Michael Balfour

Born: 11 February 1918, Kent, England
Died: 24 October 1997, Surrey, England

Blackout (1950) as Joe (uncredited)

Recoil (1953) as Parkes

Michael Balfour is sitting, with Kieron Moore on the right and Derek Blomfield with his back to us.

Meet Mr. Callaghan (1954) as Coffee stallkeeper

Robert Raglan

Born: 1906, Reigate, Surrey, England, UK
Died: 18 July 1985, Wandsworth, London, England, UK

In the 1970s Robert Raglan's fame grew when he played Colonel Pritchard in the UK television comedy series 'Dad's Army'.

Recoil (1953) as Sgt. Perkins

Robert Raglan, on the far right, stands in the background while John Horsley and Kieron Moore conduct business.

There's Always a Thursday (1957) as Crosby

Robert Raglan is on the left, with Charles Victor.

Keep Off the Grass (1983) as Man with Darkie

Derek Blomfield

Born: 31 August 1920, London, England
Died: 23 July 1964, Brittany, France
Hobson's Choice (1954) as Freddy Beenstock

Recoil (1956) as Wilbur

Anthony Pelly

Born: unknown
Died: unknown

Recoil (1956) as Bentock (Credited as Tony Pelly)

Anthony Pelly is on the right, with Michael Kelly.

Michael Kelly

Born: unknown
Died: unknown

Recoil (1953) as Crouch

Michael Kelly is on the left, with Anthony Pelly.

Trevor Reid

Born: 25 January 1908, Liverpool, England
Died: 19 April 1965, London, England

Trevor Reid was a stage actor who appeared in over 35 films and made guest appearances in television series.

Meet Mr. Callaghan (1954) Det. Insp. Gringall

With Frank Sieman.

Bond of Fear (1956) as Dover police inspector

The Hideout (1956) as Fraser

Trevor Reid is in the middle of Dermot Walsh and Rona Anderson.

Other Works


1949 The Philadelphia Story as Dr. Parsons. Performed at The Theatre Royal, Brighton and then at The Duchess Theatre, West End, London.

Alan Robinson

Born: unknown
Died: unknown

Bond of Fear (1956) as Dover immigration official

Alan Robinson is in the dark suit.

Peter Swanwick

Born: 1912, Nottingham, England
Died: 14 November 1968, London, England

Bond of Fear (1956) as Travelling salesman

Avril Angers

Born: 18 April 1918, Liverpool, England
Died: 8 November 2005, London, England

Bond of Fear (1956) as Hiker

The Green Man (1956) as Marigold

Arnold Bell

Born: 23 May 1901, Yorkshire, England
Died: 12 March 1988, Worthing, Sussex, England
No Place for Jennifer (1950) as Judge

Bond of Fear (1956) as Road block Sgt.
With Dermot Walsh.

Alan MacNaughton

Born: 4 March 1920, Bearsden, Dumbartonshire, Scotland
Died: 29 August 2002, London, England

Bond of Fear (1956) as Det. Sgt. Daley

Marilyn Baker

Born: unknown

Bond of Fear (1956) as Ann Sewell

Marilyn's only screen performance.