Friday, 17 August 2012

Tom Conway

Born: 15 September 1904, St. Petersburg, Russia
Died: 22 April 1967, Culver City, Los Angeles, California, USA

Tom Conway will always be remembered as George Sanders older brother and would have to be content with living in his shadow professionally for most of his career. He took over from Sanders in the Falcon series of films when his brother got better offers and went on to have a career bubbling under that of an A-lister.  In later years his eyesight started to fail and he became destitute.

The Falcon's Brother (1942) as Tom Lawrence

The Falcon in Danger (1943) as Tom Lawrence

With Amelita Ward.

The Falcon and the Co-Eds (1943) as Tom Lawrence

With Amelita Ward again.

The Falcon Out West (1944) as Tom Lawrence

The Falcon in Mexico (1944) as Tom Lawrence

Bob O'Connor is behind him. On the left is Nestor Paiva.

The Falcon in Hollywood (1944) as Tom Lawrence

The Falcon in San Francisco (1945) as Tom Lawrence

The Falcon's Alibi (1946) as Tom Lawrence

Barbados Quest (1955) as Tom Martin

The ever-smart Tom Conway talking to Launce Maraschal.

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