Tuesday 31 December 2019

Nora Hayden

Born: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Died: unknown

Anything Once! (1927) as Mrs. De Puyster

Nora Hayden is seated, with Leo White to her left and an actress who is unknown to me at the moment.

Monday 30 December 2019

Mary Kathleen Walker

Born: probably 1938

Made just one appearance in a film and she knew nothing about it.

Stagecoach (1939) as Lucy's Baby (uncredited)

Sunday 29 December 2019

Merrill McCormick

Born: 5 February 1892, Denver, Colorado, USA
Died: 19 August 1953, San Gabriel, California, USA

Stagecoach (1939) as Townsman Ogling at Dallas (uncredited)

Merrill McCormick is in the black hat, with Si Jenks.

The Fighting Stallion (1950) as Yancy (Credited as W.M. McCormick)

Merrill McCormick is on the left, with Gene Alsace.

Steve Clemente

Born: 22 November 1882, Tonichi, Sonora, Mexico
Died: 7 May 1950, Los Angeles, California, USA

Stagecoach (1939) as Man who alerts the Plummer brothers (uncredited)

Brenda Fowler

Born: 16 February 1883, Jamestown, North Dakota, USA
Died: 27 October 1942, Los Angeles, California, USA

Stagecoach (1939) as Mrs. Gatewood (uncredited)

Berton Churchill is fumbling around for $5.

Jim Mason

Born: 3 February 1889 in Paris, France
Died: 7 November 1959, Hollywood, California, USA

Jim Mason was a silent screen actor who originally acted under the name James Mason. When sound came to films he, like many others, made a steady career out of supporting roles and bit parts.

Stagecoach (1939) as Jim - Tonto Express Agent (uncredited)

Jim Mason is on the right, in the hat. Andy Devine is seated on the stagecoach.

Louis Mason

Born: 1 June 1888, Danville, Kentucky, USA
Died: 12 November 1959, Los Angeles, California, USA

Stagecoach (1939) as Tonto Sheriff (uncredited)

Louis Mason walks alongside Claire Trevor.

Saturday 28 December 2019

Jack Randall

Born: 12 May 1906, San Fernando, California, USA
Died: 16 July 1945, Canoga Park, Los Angeles, California, USA

Jack Randall was a supporting actor in films and film serials of the 1930's and 1940's. He also had a great singing voice. He died whilst on a horse filming for the serial The Royal Mounted Rides Again (1945). Some sources say he had a heart attack before he fell off. During his career he also acted under his real name Addison Randall and as Allan Byron.

Danger Valley (1937) as Jack Bruce

Jack Randall is on the right, with Hal Price.

Jack is in mid-song here.

Girls in Chains (1943) as Johnny Moon (Credited as Allan Byron)

Lois Wilde

Born: 14 August 1907, Los Angeles, California, USA
Died: 16 February 1995, North Attleboro, Massachusetts, USA

Lois Wilde was a child model for photographers and painters. She also trained in dance and was spotted by Florenz Ziegfeld Jr. himself who put her in his Ziegfed Follies as a 15-year old. Lois also entered beauy contests and was a finalist in the Miss America contest in 1923. She appeared on Broadway with the Ziegfeld Follies in 1923.

Lois entered films initially as a ghost writer until she was given the leading female role in films like 'Step On It (1936)' and 'Caryl of the Mountains (1936)'. In 'The Millionaire Kid (1936)' she played second female lead to Betty Compson. After shooting 'Danger Valley (1937)', Lois was involved in an incident whilst a passenger in a car. A sudden jolt broke her neck and her film career came to a halt. In later life she made sporadic uncredited background appearances in several films.

Danger Valley (1937) as Mickey Temple

Helen Gibson

Born: 27 August 1892, Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Died: 10 October 1977, Roseburg, Oregon, USA

Helen Gibson was a star of silent film serials. She often did her own stunts and continued as a stunt woman whilst appearing in bit parts in films of the 1930s and 1940s.

Danger Valley (1937) as Nana Temple

Although her face is shaded by her big bonnet, Helen does have one or two lines of dialogue in this film. Here she is with Ed Brady.

Stagecoach (1939) as Woman in Saloon (uncredited)

Helen Gibson is in the black dress looking at Tom Tyler.
New Frontier (1939) as Mrs. Turner (uncredited)


Dorothy Appleby

Born: 6 January 1906, Portland, Maine, USA
Died: 9 August 1990, Long Island, New York, USA

Stagecoach (1939) as Girl in Lordsburg Saloon (uncredited)

Duke R. Lee

Born: 13 May 1881, Prince Henry County, Virginia, USA
Died: 1 April 1959, Los Angeles, California, USA

Stagecoach (1939) as Lordsburg Sheriff (uncredited)

Duke R. Lee is standing in the centre of the picture. John Wayne is seated on the wagon with Andy Devine.

Chief John Big Tree

Born: 2 June 1877, Buffalo, New York, USA
Died: 6 July 1967, Onondaga Indian Reservation, New York, USA

Stagecoach (1939) as Indian Scout (uncredited)

Joe Rickson

Born: 6 September 1880, Clearcreek, Montana, USA
Died: 8 January 1958, Los Angeles County, California, USA

Stagecoach (1939) as Ike Plummer (uncredited)

Vester Pegg, in the middle, and Joe Rickson, right, look to Tom Tyler for instruction.

Vester Pegg

Born: 23 May 1887, Appleton City, Missouri, USA
Died: 19 February 1951, Los Angeles, California, USA

Stagecoach (1939) as Hank Plummer (uncredited)

Vester Pegg, in the middle, and Joe Rickson, right, look to Tom Tyler for instruction.

Elvira Rios

Born: 16 November 1913, Mexico City, Mexico
Died: 13 January 1987, Mexico City, Mexico

Elvira Rios was a singer who appeared in a handful of films in the 1930s and 1940s and was often given the chance to sing in her small supporting roles. Rios had a weekly NBC radio program and a contract with Decca Records.

Stagecoach (1939) as Yakima (uncredited)

Francis Ford

Born: 14 August 1881, Portland, Maine, USA
Died: 5 September 1953, Los Angeles, California, USA

Francis was the older brother of John Ford the director of many films, including Westerns starring John Wayne. Francis was a director himself during the silent era before concentrating solely on acting when sound arrived. His acting roles became smaller as time went on appearing in uncredited non-speaking roles by the late 1930s.

Frankenstein (1931) as Hans (uncredited)

Francis Ford lays injured.

Stagecoach (1939) as Sgt. Billy Pickett (uncredited)

Francis Ford is being examined by the doctor, Thomas Mitchell. This role was a bit strange in that Francis Ford wasn't allowed to speak. When asked a question the answers were always given by the other actors, such as Marga Ann Deighton who played his wife.

The Big Noise (1944) as Station Agent (uncredited)