Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Heinie Conklin

Born: 16 July 1886, San Francisco, California, USA
Died: 30 July 1959, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA
Soup to Nuts (1930) as Ted's Checkers Opponent (uncredited)
With Ted Healy.
Riders of Destiny (1933) as Elmer - Henchman
Heinie Conklin is on the right, with Al St. John.
After the Thin Man (1936) as Trainman who sees Nick kiss Nora (uncredited)

Tell No Tales (1939) as Tramp Comic (uncredited)

Heinie Conklin is on the right, with Melvyn Douglas and Florence George.

Unexpected Uncle (1941) as Piccolo player in Johnny's band (uncredited)

Heinie Conklin has the piccolo to his mouth. Russ Powell is near the bottom right corner of this photo, playing the trombone. Clyde Cook is the singer, Carl Stockdale is on the far left with the saxophone and Lloyd Ingraham is playing the tuba.

A Hit with a Miss (1945) as Fight Referee (uncredited)

With Robert B. Williams on the left and Joe Palma on the right.

Bride and Gloom (1947) as Garage Mechanic

With Shemp Howard.

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