Saturday 8 December 2012

Shemp Howard

Born: 11 March 1895, Brooklyn, New York City, New York, USA
Died: 22 November 1955, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA
Shemp was an original member of Ted Healy's Stooges on stage and was still with them when they made their first film 'Soup to Nuts' in 1930. He split soon after and was replaced by his younger brother Curly. Shemp would later rejoin the Three Stooges in 1947 when Curly became too ill to perform after a stroke.
Soup to Nuts (1930) as Fireman Shemp
Shemp is on the left, with Moe Howard and Larry Fine.
Here Comes Flossie! (1933) as Ezry

Henry the Ache (1934) as Artie, one of King Henry's lackeys

Shemp is on the left, with Bert Lahr as Henry VIII on the phone!

Corn on the Cop (1934) as Reginald

Art Trouble (1934) as Short Painter

With James Stewart.

Millionaires in Prison (1940) as Professor

Pleased to Mitt You (1940) as Pat Patrick

The Bank Dick (1940) as Joe Guelpe

Three of a Kind (1944) as Shemp Howard

With Billy Gilbert.

A Hit with a Miss (1945) as Rameses, Prizefighter

With Marilyn Johnson.

Bride and Gloom (1947) as Shemp

All Gummed Up (1947) as Shemp

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