Tuesday 23 April 2013

Stanley Holloway

Born: 1 October 1890, Manor Park, London, England
Died: 30 January 1982, Littlehampton, England
A stage and screen actor from the silent era who also appeared on Broadway later in his career.

Champagne Charlie (1944) as The Great Vance

Brief Encounter (1945) as Albert Godby
With Joyce Carey on the left and Celia Johnson.


Passport to Pimlico (1949) as Arthur Pemberton

Other Works


1938-39 Aladdin Opera House, Manchester, England. Other cast members include: Cora Goffin, Dave Burnaby, Joe Jackson Jr., Collinson and Dean, Gloria Day, Patrick Colbert, Kevan Bernard, Myrtill et Pacaud. Directed by Emile Littler.

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