Saturday, 13 July 2041

5000 Actors in a Blog!

There are now more than 5000 actors and actresses featured in this blog. Here are some links to help you navigate and find the one that you are looking for. As always, this is a work in constant progress so a little time will be needed to complete these links. Alternatively you can use the links in the side panel.

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The word 'Forgotten' has been used in this blog to represent the thousands of actors who rarely get recognised for their work beyond their peers. Without websites and blogs like this one they could easily be forgotten altogether. As new generations discover films, how many will venture into the obscure world of second features and independent productions to discover the layers of talent behind the stars of the day? When you last watched a classic film, did you notice the maid, the train conductor, the woman selling flowers, the elevator operator, or any of the passers-by in the background? Or were your eyes transfixed on the main actors, as they are supposed to be. Sometimes watching a film several times will give you the full appreciation of what it takes to create an atmosphere in a scene. I hope when you look at this blog you will go and watch the films for yourself, maybe several times and look beyond the foreground action to the bit-part actors, each one with a life, a career and a story of their own. More famous actors are included in this blog for the sake of completion and to help you research the less famous ones.

Qualifying actors and actresses for this blog are those who have appeared on screen before 1970.

Sunday, 25 July 2021

Lost Films

This is a list of lost films and partially lost films. The list will be slowly populated as time goes by. Your suggestions are always welcome in the comments section, but I will take my time over this so please be patient.
Fragments exist, possibly of a costume test or screen test featuring Theda Bara.


The sound version of this John Ford film is lost, but a silent version with an added score exists.


Videos Posted on YouTube by this Blog's Author

The Ladies of Laurel and Hardy

Episode 1 - Florence Gilbert
Episode 2 - Sue O'Neil/Molly O'Day
Episode 3 - Gloria Greer

Dancers on Film

Episode 1 - Amarilla Morris

June Pickerell

Born: 6 September 1883, Lowell, Wisconsin, USA
Died: 19 February 1962, Santa Barbara, California, USA

In Old Oklahoma (aka War of the Wildcats) (1943) as Ellie, Farmer's Wife (uncredited)

June Pickerell is talking to Tom London. The train conductor is Charles Arnt.

Saturday, 24 July 2021

Margareta Montez

Born: unknown
Died: unknown

Heat Lightning (1934) as Mexican Wife (uncredited)

According to IMDB, the lady on the far right is Margareta Montez. Chris-Pin Martin is driving and the partialy obscured lady on the left is Aline MacMahon.

Thursday, 22 July 2021

Syd Crossley

Born: 18 November 1885, Islington, London, England, UK
Died: 15 November 1960, Redruth, Cornwall, England, UK

That Certain Thing (1928) as Perkins, the Valet