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There are now nearly 5000 actors and actresses featured in this blog. Here are some links to help you navigate and find the one that you are looking for. As always, this is a work in constant progress so a little time will be needed to complete these links. Alternatively you can use the links in the side panel.

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The word 'Forgotten' has been used in this blog to represent the thousands of actors who rarely get recognised for their work beyond their peers. Without websites and blogs like this one they could easily be forgotten altogether. As new generations discover films, how many will venture into the obscure world of second features and independent productions to discover the layers of talent behind the stars of the day? When you last watched a classic film, did you notice the maid, the train conductor, the woman selling flowers, the elevator operator, or any of the passers-by in the background? Or were your eyes transfixed on the main actors, as they are supposed to be. Sometimes watching a film several times will give you the full appreciation of what it takes to create an atmosphere in a scene. I hope when you look at this blog you will go and watch the films for yourself, maybe several times and look beyond the foreground action to the bit-part actors, each one with a life, a career and a story of their own. More famous actors are included in this blog for the sake of completion and to help you research the less famous ones.

Qualifying actors and actresses for this blog are those who have appeared on screen before 1970.

Saturday, 8 May 2021

1945 Films


The Bells of St. Mary's

Brief Encounter


Dick Tracy

[Morgan Conway, Anne Jeffreys, Mike Mazurki, Jane Greer, Lyle Latell, Joseph Crehan, Mickey Kuhn, Trevor Bardette, Morgan Wallace, Milton Parsons, William Halligan, Sam Ash, Gertrude Astor, Tanis Chandler, Jack Chefe, Mary Currier, Robert Douglas, Ralph Dunn, Bruce Edwards, Edythe Elliott, Franklyn Farnum, Carl Faulkner, Jack Gargan, Edmund Glover, Carl Hanson, Jimmy Jordan, Kenner G. Kemp, Mike Lally, Wilbur Mack, George Magrill, Alphonse Martell, Frank Meredith, Harold Miller, Bruce Mitchell, Tommy Noonan, Florence Pepper, Alexander Pollard, Bob Reeves, Jason Robards, Sr., Harry Strang]

The Falcon in San Francisco

[Tom Conway, Rita Corday, Edward Brophy, Sharyn Moffett, Fay Helm, Robert Armstrong, Carl Kent, George Holmes, John Mylong, Dorothy Adams, Joan Beckstead, Sammy Blum, Kernan Cripps, Russell Custer, Myrna Dell, Ralph Dunn, Margaret Farrell, Jack Gargan, Edmund Glover, Sam Harris, Perc Launders, Norman Mayes, Philip Morris, Eden Nicholas, William J. O'Brien, Jason Robards Sr., Max Rose, Jeffrey Sayre, Maxine Semon, Hermine Sterler, Harry Strang, Johnny Strong, Victor Travis, Linda Van Loon, Napoleon Whiting, Mary Worth]

Identity Unknown

[Richard Arlen, Cheryl Walker, Roger Pryor, Bobby Driscoll, Lola Lane, Ian Keith, John Forrest, Sarah Padden, Forrest Taylor, Frank Marlowe, Harry Tyler, Nelson Leigh, Charles Williams, Charles Jordan, Dick Scott, Marjorie Manners, Eddie Baker, Sam Ash, Mike Donovan, Dick Gordon, Isabel La Mal, Frank McLure, William H. O'Brien, Jack Perrin, Rose Plumer, Cyril Ring]

The Missing Corpse

[J. Edward Bromberg, Isabel Randolph, Frank Jenks, Eric Sinclair, Paul Guilfoyle, Ben Welden, Charles Coleman, Eddy Waller, Elayne Adams, Mary Arden, Bess Flowers, Charles Jordan, Anne O'Neal, Jean Ransome, John Shay, Lorell Sheldon, Ken Terrell, Archie Twitchell, Isabel Withers]

State Fair

[Jeanne Crain, Dana Andrews, Dick Haymes, Vivian Blaine, Charles Winninger, Fay Bainter, Donald Meek, Frank McHugh, Percy Kilbride, Harry Morgan, Jane Nigh, William Marshall, Phil Brown, Robert Adler, Hal Aldridge III, Russell Ash, Dorothy Bailer, Lee Bailey, Walter Baldwin, Ray Barons, Brooks Benedict, Joseph E. Bernard, Eddie Borden, Harlan Briggs, Virginia Brissac, Esther Brodelet, Paul E. Burns, Wheaton Chambers, Lorraine Collier, Clancy Cooper, Frank Dae, John Dehner, Jo-Carroll Dennison, Harry Depp, Earle S. Dewey, Cathy Downs, Eddie Dunn, Tom Fadden, James Farley, Alice Fleming, Diane Florentine, Bess Flowers, Francis Ford, William Frambes, Al Gallagher, Janet Graves, Coleen Gray, Neal Hart, Paul Harvey, Louanne Hogan, Reed Howes, Jack Jackson, Adele Jergens, Jack Kenyon, Warren Lane, Nolan Leary, Louis Manley, Mary Manners, Vie Mansfield, Mae Marsh, Frank Mayo, Jean McClure, Pat McKee, Buddy Moore, Steve Olson, Charles Owens, Emory Parnell, Eleanor Peterson, 'Snub' Pollard, Larraine Relmer, Buddy Robinson, John Roche, Jack Ross, Mario Salvaneschi, Ralph Sanford, Frank J. Scannell, Harry Semels, Almira Sessions, Ed Stanbridge, Les Stanford, Mary Stewart, Hal Taggart, Phil Tead, Jim Toney, Valerie Traxler, Minerva Urecal, Vanita Wade, Josephine Whittell, Margo Woode, Will Wright]

A Walk in the Sun

[Dana Andrews, Richard Conte, George Tyne, John Ireland, Lloyd Bridges, Sterling Holloway, Norman Lloyd, Herbert Rudley, Richard Benedict, Huntz Hall, James Cardwell, George Offerman Jr., Steve Brodie, Matt Willis, Chris Drake, Alvin Hammer, Victor Cutler, Jay Norris, John Kellogg, James Base, Fred Carpenter, Dan Cassell, Harry Cline, Dick Daniels, Tony Dante, Danny Desmond, Ray Elder, Jack Ellis, Richard Elmore, Bennett Green, Tommy Hagan, Robert Horton, Orn Huntington, John Laurenz, Harry Leonard, Gus Lombardo, Billy Lord, Robert Lowell, Grant Maiben, Burgess Meredith, Larry Murphy, Mickey Novak, Malcolm O'Guinn, Ted O'Shea, Foster H. Phinney, Dan Quigg, Russ Randall, Joe Roach, Ed Roge, Jerome Root, Luis Rosado, Fred Sanders, Jerry Sheldon, Jack Sterling, Don Summers, George Turner, Henry Vroom, Bob Wolfe, Robert Wright]

What No Cigarettes? (short)
[Edgar Kennedy, Florence Lake, Dot Farley, Jack Rice, Jimmy Conlin, Emory Parnell, Jason Robards Sr., Paul Brooks, Tommy Noonan, Gwen Crawford, Robert Andersen, Sammy Blum, George Holmes, William J. O'Brien]

1942 Films


The Big Street

[Henry Fonda, Lucille Ball, Barton MacLane, Eugene Pallette, Agnes Moorehead, Sam Levene, Ray Collins, Marion Martin, William T. Orr, George Cleveland, Vera Gordon, Ozzie Nelson, Don Barclay, Louise Beavers, Anthony Blair, Charles Cane, Jack Chefe, James Conaty, Hans Conried, Helen Dickson, James Dime, Mimi Doyle, Eddie Dunn, Peter Duray, Jay Eaton, Catherine Fleyton, Bess Flowers, Ross Forrester, Karen X. Gaylord, Charlie Hall, William Halligan, Mary Halsey, Art Hamburger, Bert Hanlon, Sam Harris, Jack Herrick, Chet Huntley, John Indrisano, Warren Jackson, Tiny Jones, Donald Kerr, Wilbur Mack, George Magrill, Richard Martin, Eric Mayne, Wayne McCoy, George McKay, Tony Merlo, John Miljan, Harold Miller, John 'Skins' Miller, Millard Mitchell, Lee Moore, Bert Moorhouse, Frank Moran, Joe Niemeyer, George Noisom, Barry Norton, Frank O'Connor, Jimmy O'Gatty, Gil Perkins, Bob Perry, Jack Perry, Ralph Peters, Addison Richards, Dewey Robinson, Shimen Ruskin, Hector V. Sarno, Jeffrey Sayre, Scaduto, Harry Shannon, Walter Soderling, Sammy Stein, Mary Stuart, Ann Summers, Julius Tannen, Jim Toney, Juan Varro, Arnold Virt, Russell Wade, Sally Wadworth, Julie Warren, Harry Wilson, Marie Windsor, Lou Wood]

Calling Dr. Gillespie

[Lionel Barrymore, Philip Dorn, Donna Reed, Phil Brown, Nat Pendleton, Alma Kruger, Mary Nash, Walter Kingsford, Nell Craig, Ruth Tobey, Jonathan Hale, Charles Dingle, Marie Blake, Nana Bryant, Eddie Acuff, Robin Raymond, Ernie Alexander, William Bailey, Barbara Bedford, Hillary Brooke, Harry Brown, Naomi Childers, Barbara Coleman, Monte Collins, Mary Currier, Charles Dorety, Ruth Dwyer, Ava Gardner, Leatrice Joy Gilbert, Pat Gleason, Betty Jean Hainey, Harry Hayden, Edna Holland, Jerry Jerome, Lew Leroy, Frank Marlowe, Patrick McVey, Charles R. Moore, Charlotte Munier, William Newell, Frances Raeburn, Anne Rooney, Ray Teal, Philip Van Zandt, Emmett Vogan, Shirley Warde, Jane Welborn, Joe Yule]


[Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman, Paul Henreid, Claude Rains, Conrad Veidt, Sydney Greenstreet, Peter Lorre, S.Z. Sakall, Madeleine Lebeau, Dooley Wilson, Joy Page, John Qualen, Leonid Kinskey, Curt Bois, Enrique Acosta, Ed Agresti, Arnet Amos, Louis V. Arco, Frank Arnold, Brandon Beach, Leon Belasco, Nino Bellini, Trude Berliner, Oliver Blake, Monte Blue, Eugene Borden, Dick Botiller, Maurice Brierre, Anita Camargo, George M. Carleton, Spencer Chan, Melie Chang, Tex Cooper, Gino Corrado, Franco Corsaro, Adrienne D'Ambricourt, Marcel Dalio, Helmut Dantine, Jean De Briac, George Dee, Jean Del Val, Carl Deloro, Joseph DeVillard, Arthur Dulac, William Edmunds, Herbert Evans, Fred Farrell, O.K Ford, Martin Garralaga, Gregory Gaye, Gregory Golubeff, Ilka Grüning, Creighton Hale, Winifred Harris, Jamiel Hasson, Arthur Stuart Hull, Olaf Hytten, Paul Irving, Kay Koury, Charles La Torre, George J. Lewis, Max Linder, Manuel Lopez, Jacques Lory, Lou Marcelle, Michael Mark, Tony Martelli, Frank Mazzola, George Meeker, Lal Chand Mehra, Hercules Mendez, Louis Mercier, Torben Meyer, Mike Morelli, Alberto Morin, Leo Mostovoy, Corinna Mura, Sol Murgi, Barry Norton, Monty O'Grady, Lotte Palfi Andor, Paul Panzer, Manuel Paris, Alexander Pollard, Paul Porcasi, Frank Puglia, Georges Renavent, Dewey Robinson, Victor Romito, Henry Rowland, Richard Ryen, Dan Seymour, Nick Shaid, Lester Sharpe, Bhogwan Singh, Dina Smirnova, Gerald Oliver Smith, George Sorel, Geoffrey Steele, Ludwig Stössel, Mike Tellegen, Sid Troy, Rafael Trujillo, Jacques Vanaire, Ellinor Vanderveer, Norma Varden, Hans Heinrich von Twardowski, Leo White, Jack Wise, Wolfgang Zilzer]

Castle in the Desert

[Sidney Toler, Arleen Whelan, Richard Derr, Douglass Dumbrille, Henry Daniell, Edmund MacDonald, Victor Sen Yung, Lenita Lane, Ethel Griffies, Milton Parsons, Steven Geray, Lucien Littlefield, Oliver Blake, George Chandler, Paul Kruger, Tex Phelps, Eric Wilton] 

The Falcon Takes Over

[George Sanders, Lynn Bari, James Gleason, Allen Jenkins, Helen Gilbert, William Alland, Roxanne Barkley, Turhan Bey, Ward Bond, Fred Carpenter, George Cleveland, Hans Conried, Kernan Cripps, Eddie Dew, Frank Fanning, George Ford, Edward Gargan, Charlie Hall, Selmer Jackson, Warren Jackson, Lew Kelly, Mike Lally, Thomas Martin, Gayle Mellott, Bert Moorhouse, Amarilla Morris, Paul Norby, Barry Norton, William H. O'Brien, Frank O'Connor, Tom Quinn, Bob Reeves, Anne Revere, Louise Ritchie, Harry Shannon, Mickey Simpson, Robert Smith, Chester Tallman, Ken Terrell, Elinor Troy, Dale Van Sickel, Juan Varro]

The Falcon's Brother

[George Sanders, Tom Conway, Jane Randolph, Don Barclay, Cliff Clark, Edward Gargan, Eddie Dunn, Charlotte Wynters, James Newill, Keye Luke, Amanda Varela, George J. Lewis, Gwili Andre, John Albright, Kay Aldridge, Charles Arnt, Brooks Benedict, Ralph Brooks, Georgia Carroll, Eddy Chandler, Andre Charlot, John Dilson, Ludwig Donath, Jay Eaton, William Forrest, Jack Gargan, Mary Halsey, Bonnie Kildare, Marten Lamont, Perc Launders, Wilbur Mack, Andre Marsaudon, Mickey Martin, Richard Martin, Manuel Paris, Tom Quinn, Loretta Russell, Carl Stockdale, Ann Summers, Tommy Tucker, Max Waizmann, Julie Warren, Allen Wood]

Man from Headquarters

[Frank Albertson, Joan Woodbury, Dick Elliott, Byron Foulger, John Maxwell, Robert Kellard, Mel Ruick, Gwen Kenyon, Jack Mulhall, Christine McIntyre, Max Hoffman Jr., Paul Bryar, Arthur O'Connell, Maynard Holmes, Charlie Hall, Irving Mitchell, George O'Hanlon, Jack Byron, Jack Gardner, Warren Jackson, I. Stanford Jolley, Frank O'Connor]

Mexican Spitfire Sees a Ghost

[Lupe Velez, Leon Errol, Charles 'Buddy' Rogers, Elisabeth Risdon, Donald MacBride, Minna Gombell, Don Barclay, John McGuire, Lillian Randolph, Mantan Moreland, Harry Tyler, Marten Lamont, Richard Martin, Barbara Moffett, Linda Rivas, Mary Stuart, Sally Wadsworth, Julie Warren, Jane Woodworth]


One of Our Aircraft Is Missing
[Godfrey Tearle, Eric Portman, Hugh Williams, Bernard Miles, Hugh Burden, Emrys Jones, Pamela Brown, Joyce Redman, Googie Withers, Hay Petrie, Selma Vaz Dias, Arnold Marlé, Robert Helpmann, Peter Ustinov, Alec Clunes, Hector Abbas, James B. Carson, Willem Akkerman, Joan Akkerman, Peter Schenke, Valerie Moon, John Salew, William D'Arcy, David Ward, Robert Duncan, Roland Culver, Robert Beatty, Michael Powell, Stewart Rome, John Arnold, Jimmy Baker, Cliff Bastin, James Donald, John England, David Evans, Gordon Jackson, John Longden, Gerry Wilmot] 

Powder Town

Sunset Serenade

[Roy Rogers, Joan Woodbury, ]

1941 Films


Citizen Kane

[Orson Welles, Joseph Cotten, Dorothy Comingore, Agnes Moorehead, Ruth Warrick, Ray Collins, Erskine Sanford, Everett Sloane, William Alland, Paul Stewart, George Coulouris, Fortunio Bonanova, Gus Schilling, Philip Van Zandt, Georgia Backus, Harry Shannon, Sonny Bupp, Buddy Swan, Don Ackerman, Loretta Agar, Demetrius Alexis, Peter Allen, William Alston, Baudelio Alva, T. Lockwood Arbright, Sam Ash, Michael Audley, Walter Bacon, Harry A. Bailey, Richard Barr, Alva Baudena, Charles Bennett, Joan Blair, Danny Borzage, Robert Brent, James Brought, Morgan Brown, Harry Burkhardt, William Calkins, Porter Chase, Gene Chervow, J. J. Clark, Dorothy Cleveland, Edmund Cobb, Eddie Coke, Nat 'King' Cole, Tom Coleman, Gene Coogan, Sally Corner, Gino Corrado, Herbert Corthell, Maurice Costello, Irene Crosby, Charles Cross, Thomas A. Curran, Louise Currie, Jack Curtis, Ed Dahlen, Ernie Daniels, Coy Danz, Margaret Davis,Tim Davis, Donna Dax, Marie Day, Petra R. de Silva, Gayle DeCamp, Frances Deets, Carl Deloro, George DeNormand, Eddie Dew, John Dilson, Robert Dudley, Lou Duello, Suzanne Dulier, Art Dupuis, Pauline Easterday, Al Eben, Johnny Eckert, Jack Egan, Carl Ekberg, Richard Elmore, Edith Evanson, Carl Faulkner, Juanita Fields, Jack Floyd, Ray Flynn, Monty Ford, Jean Forward, Olin Francis, Louise Franklin, Al Frazier, Guy Gada, Gloria Gale, Captain Garcia, Jack Gargan, Bud Geary, Rudy Germane, Bob Gladman, Renee Godfrey, Jerry Gordon, Peter Gowland, Jimmy Grant, Jesse Graves, Ernest Grooney, Jack Gwynne, Robert Haines, Frank Haney, Harry Harris, Sam Harris, Lew Harvey, Henry Hebert, Edward L. Hemmer, Cliff Herd, Bryan 'Slim' Hightower, Harlan Hoagland, John Huettner, Mitchell Ingraham, Jack Itay, Jack Jahries, Walter James, George W. Jiminez, Clayton Jones, Edna Mae Jones, Harry Jones, Alexander Julian, William Kane, Arthur Kay, Ivy Keene, E. Kerry, Milton Kibbee, Laura Knight, Alan Ladd, Mike Lally, Carmen Laroux, Perc Launders, Walter Lawrence, Bob Lawson, Bert LeBaron, David Ledner, Adam Linke, J. D. Lockhart, Mary Lorraine, Ellen Lowe, Ludwig Lowry, Buck Mack, James T. Mack, Evelyn Mackert, Teddy Mangean, Herman J. Mankiewicz, Jack Manolas, Joe Manz, Loretta Marsh, Mickey Martin, Clyde McAtee, Major McBride, Lee McCluskey, John McCormack, Frank McLure, Charles Meakin, Hercules Mendez, Jim Merritt, Buddy Messinger, E. G. Miller, Irving Mitchell, Bert Moorhouse, Philip Morris, Jack Morton, Louis Natheaux, Frances E. Neal, Lillian Nicholson, Leda Nicova, George Noisom, Joseph North, John Northpole, Field Norton, William H. O'Brien, Arthur O'Connell, Frank O'Connor, Paddy O'Flynn, Lillian O'Malley, Edward Peil Jr., Gerald Pierce, Thomas Pogue, Russ Powell, J. R. Ralston, Terrance Ray, Jack Raymond, William Reed, Guy Repp, Jolane Reynolds, Sam Rice, Verne Richards, Suzanne Ridgway, Cyril Ring, Myrtle Rishell, Jack Robbins, Don Roberts, George Rogers, Victor Romito, Benny Rubin, Shimen Ruskin, Edward Ryan, Jack Ryan, Robert Samven, Walter Sande, Jack Santoro, Francis Sayles, Dick Scott, Ruth Seeley, George Sherwood, Brent Shugar, Bruce Sidney, Guy Smith, Roy Smith, Vince Speaker, George Sperry, Sam Steele, Tom Steele, Ralph Stein, Bert Stevens, Landers Stevens, Dimas Sutteno, Jack Taylor, Norman Taylor, Bob Terry, Karl Thomas, Robert B. Tobin, Gregg Toland, Kathryn Trosper, Fred Trowbridge, Glen Turnbull, Gohr Van Vleck, Harry J. Vejar, Tim Wallace, Ken Weaver, Charles West, Larry Wheat, Patrick Whitney, Jan Wiley, Bill Wilkens, Larry Williams, Tudor Williams, Richard Wilson, Vivian Wilson, Roland Winters, Vera Winters, Arthur Yeoman, Louis Young]

Four Mothers

[Priscilla Lane, Rosemary Lane, Lola Lane, Gale Page, Claude Rains, Jeffrey Lynn, Eddie Albert, May Robson, Frank McHugh, Dick Foran, Vera Lewis, Herbert Anderson, Irving Bacon, Egon Brecher, Eddy Chandler, Dick Elliott, Frank Ferguson, James Flavin, Edward Gargan, William Gould, Thurston Hall, Howard Hickman, Frank Jaquet, Paul Maxey, Frank Mayo, Jack Mower, Oscar O'Shea, Frank Reicher, Thomas W. Ross, Ralph Sanford, Charles Trowbridge]

The Maltese Falcon

[Humphrey Bogart, Mary Astor, Gladys George, Peter Lorre, Barton MacLane, Lee Patrick, Sydney Greenstreet, Ward Bond, Jerome Cowan, Elisha Cook Jr., James Burke, Murray Alper, John Hamilton, Charles Drake, Chester Gan, Creighton Hale, Robert Homans, William Hopper, Walter Huston, Hank Mann, Jack Mower, Emory Parnell] 

The Mexican Spitfire's Baby

[Lupe Velez, Leon Errol, Charles 'Buddy' Rogers, Zasu Pitts, Elisabeth Risdon, Fritz Feld, Marion Martin, Lloyd Corrigan, Lydia Bilbrook, Vinton Hayworth, Charles Bates, Jack Briggs, Jack Gardner, Jack Gargan, Jack Grey, Charlie Hall, James Harrison, Tom Kennedy, Donald Kerr, Buddy Messinger, Barry Norton, Ted O'Shea, Jane Patten, Suzanne Ridgway, Dick Rush, Douglas Spencer, Chester Tallman, Max Wagner, Jane Woodworth]

Unexpected Uncle

[Anne Shirley, James Craig, Charles Coburn, Ernest Truex, Renee Godfrey, Russell Gleason, Astrid Allwyn, Jed Prouty, Jimmy Aubrey, Arthur Aylesworth, Lee Bonnell, Wade Boteler, Jack Briggs, Ralph Brooks, Nora Cecil, Ken Christy, Rosemary Coleman, Heinie Conklin, Jimmy Conlin, Edith Conrad, Hans Conried, Clyde Cook, Eleanor Counts, Roy Crane, Dorothy Crider, John Webb Dillion, George Dolenz, Tom Dugan, Virginia Engels, Pat Flaherty, Louise Franklin, Jack Gargan, Pat Gleason, Mary Gordon, Frank Hagney, Thurston Hall, Sam Harris, Russell Hicks, Robert Homans, Lloyd Ingraham, Lew Kelly, Donald Kerr, Max Linder, Teddy Mangean, Matt Moore, Bert Moorhouse, Jack Mulhall, Frank O'Connor, Jane Patten, Russ Powell, Tom Quinn, Joey Ray, Ronald R. Rondell, Larry Steers, Carl Stockdale, Virginia Vale, Russell Wade, Max Wagner, Marie Windsor, Jane Woodworth]

Clarence Brooks

Born: 23 December 1896, San Antonio, Texas, USA
Died: 12 March 1969, Pasadena, California, USA

Harlem Rides the Range (1939) as Jim Bradley

Leonard Christmas

Born: 14 October 1897, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Died: 17 December 1982, Los Angeles, California, USA

Harlem Rides the Range (1939) as Dennison