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5000 Actors in a Blog!

There are now nearly 5000 actors and actresses featured in this blog. Here are some links to help you navigate and find the one that you are looking for. As always, this is a work in constant progress so a little time will be needed to complete these links. Alternatively you can use the links in the side panel.

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The word 'Forgotten' has been used in this blog to represent the thousands of actors who rarely get recognised for their work beyond their peers. Without websites and blogs like this one they could easily be forgotten altogether. As new generations discover films, how many will venture into the obscure world of second features and independent productions to discover the layers of talent behind the stars of the day? When you last watched a classic film, did you notice the maid, the train conductor, the woman selling flowers, the elevator operator, or any of the passers-by in the background? Or were your eyes transfixed on the main actors, as they are supposed to be. Sometimes watching a film several times will give you the full appreciation of what it takes to create an atmosphere in a scene. I hope when you look at this blog you will go and watch the films for yourself, maybe several times and look beyond the foreground action to the bit-part actors, each one with a life, a career and a story of their own. More famous actors are included in this blog for the sake of completion and to help you research the less famous ones.

Qualifying actors and actresses for this blog are those who have appeared on screen before 1970.

Monday, 19 April 2021

1959 Films


Cover Girl Killer

[Harry H. Corbett, Felicity Young, Spencer Teakle, Victor Brooks, Bernadette Milnes, Christina Gregg, Tony Doonan, John Barrard, Alan Edwards, Charles Lloyd Pack, Dermot Kelly, Denis Holmes, Julie Shearing, Tony Thawnton, Paddy Joyce, Claude Jones, John Baker, Frank Barringer, Jimmy Scott]

Operation Petticoat

[Cary Grant, Tony Curtis, Joan O'Brien, Dina Merrill, Gene Evans, Dick Sargent, Virginia Gregg, Robert F. Simon, Robert Gist, Gavin MacLeod, George Dunn, Dick Crockett, Madlyn Rhue, Marion Ross, Clarence Lung, Frankie Darro, Tony Pastor Jr., Bob Hoy, Nicky Blair, John W. Morley, Arthur O'Connell, Hal Baylor, William Bryant, Bert Byers, Dick Callinan, Gordon Casell, Malcolm Cassell, H. Haile Chace, Tony Corrado, Dale Cummings, Francis De Sales, Vince Deadrick Sr., Alan Dexter, Kirk Douglas, Tusi Faiivae, Paul Frees, Bob Gibson, Larry Gilliland, Preston Hanson, Fred Harflinger II, Harry Harvey Jr., Vi Ingraham, Glenn Jacobson, Robert Keys, Joseph Kim, William Kinney, James Lanphier, Nelson Leigh, Leon Lontoc, John James Russell, Alan Scott, Bob Stratton, Nino Tempo, Howard Venezia, Francis L. Ward, Robert C. Youmans]

1958 Films


The Sheepman

[Glenn Ford, Shirley MacLaine, Leslie Nielsen, Mickey Shaughnessy, Edgar Buchanan, Willis Bouchey, Pernell Roberts, Slim Pickens, Robert 'Buzz' Henry, Pedro Gonzalez Gonzalez, Richard Alexander, Leon Alton, Roscoe Ates, Emile Avery, Walter Bacon, Sam Bagley, Irene Barton, Danny Borzage, John Bose, George Boyce, Lane Bradford, Chet Brandenburg, George Bruggeman, Brandy Bryan, Ralph Bucko, Lorraine Carol, Edith Clair, Bill Clark, G. Pat Collins, Gene Coogan, Russell Custer, Roy Damron, Franklyn Farnum, Lee Tung Foo, Joel Friend, Kenneth Gibson, James Gonzalez, Tom Greenway, Kit Guard, Signe Hack, Bill Hale, Harry Harvey, Les Hellman, Percy Helton, Tex Holden, Jimmie Horan, Wes Hudman, Harvey Karels, Dave Kashner, Tom Kennedy, Norman Leavitt, Forrest Lewis, Tom London, Frank Marlowe, Kermit Maynard, Frank Mills, Burt Mustin, William Newell, Jack Perry, Jose Portugal, Ray Pourchot, Paul Ravel, Bob Reeves, Mitchell Rhein, Dick Rich, Robert Robinson, John Roy, Jerry Schumacher, Bernad Sell, Lucile Sewall, Clint Sharp, Cap Somers, Walter Soo Hoo, Ray Spiker, Jack Stoney, Peggy Taylor, Dan White, Harry Wilson, Harry Woods]

1957 Films



1954 Films


The Caine Mutiny

[Humphrey Bogart, José Ferrer, Van Johnson, Fred MacMurray, Robert Francis, May Wynn, Tom Tully, E. G. Marshall, Arthur Franz, Lee Marvin, Warner Anderson, Claude Akins, Katherine Warren, Jerry Paris, Steve Brodie, David Alpert, Don Anderson, Herbert Anderson, James Best, Whit Bissell, Robert Bray, James Conaty, Ted Cooper, Don Dillaway, Don Dubbins, Johnny Duncan, James Edwards, Ben Harris, Sam Harris, Joe Haworth, Roy Jenson, Todd Karns, Don Keefer, Edward Laguna, Frank Losee Jr., Dayton Lummis, Kenneth MacDonald, Paul McGuire, Tyler McVey, Patrick Miller, Richard Norris, Barry Norton, Steve Pendleton, Jay Richards, Gene Starns, Bert Stevens, James Todd, John Tomeck]

1951 Films


The Man in the White Suit

[Alec Guinness, Joan Greenwood, Cecil Parker, Michael Gough, Ernest Thesiger, Howard Marion-Crawford, Henry Mollison, Vida Hope, Patric Doonan, Duncan Lamont, Harold Goodwin, Colin Gordon, Joan Harben, Arthur Howard, Roddy Hughes, Stuart Latham, Miles Malleson, Edie Martin, Mandy Miller, Charlotte Mitchell, Olaf Olsen, Desmond Roberts, Ewan Roberts, John Rudling, Charles Saynor, Russell Waters, Brian Worth, George Benson, Frank Atkinson, Charles Cullum, F. B. J. Sharp, Scott Harrold, Jack Howarth, Jack McNaughton, Judith Furse, Billy Russell, David Boyd, Alan Haines, Arthur Mullard, Carol Wolveridge]