Sunday, 9 December 2012

Richard Cramer

Born: 3 July 1889, Bryan, Ohio, USA
Died: 9 August 1960, Los Angeles, California, USA

A character actor who often played the villain.

Danger Ahead (1935) as Detective Hogan (Credited as Dick Cramer)

Richard Cramer is on the left, with Fred Kelsey.

Millionaires in Prison (1940) as Dick, guard who finds Vander's menu (uncredited)

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  1. If you get the chance, get hold of Ken Maynard's Pocatello Kid, from 1931. Not sure if you like B-westerns, but if enough attention was paid to dialog (or good ad-libbing) that's present in that film, then the genre wouldn't seem so stiff or forced with the humor. Cramer must have had such fun being menacing in that one, whether it's Maynard, lovely Marceline Day, or his fellow rustlers. Excellent little film. Too bad Cramer wasn't lead villain in westerns more often--although I must say he would probably have gotten more laughs than hisses--