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Films Watched and Included in this Blog - 1960s

When I research an actor or actress I would normally watch a film in its entirety to make sure I have the right information regarding the character name and any other information I care to include. Occasionally, this isn't possible owing to the film being only available in part or not at all so I have to rely on other sources for the picture. This is very rare and I can only think of around three or four instances of this happening in the entire blog. When this does happen I endeavour to credit the source website. Many of the screen caps come from films that I have come across on YouTube, but occasionally I use commerical sources such as DVDs to capture the pictures. I do this blog for educational purposes and to hopefully encourage people to go and watch the film for themselves.

Below is the list of films in chronological order that I have watched to create this blog. All my entries into this blog are of actors or actresses who have appeared in films or television sometime between 1888 and 1969. Later films are only included where there were actors in them from the aforementioned period. For example, Jack Nicholson began his film career in the 1950s and was still acting in the 2010s and therefore any film I watch with Jack Nicholson in will be included.

Next to the film title is the names of all of the actors, actresses and extras known to have appeared in the film. Some will have links to take you to thir page in this blog.

[PLEASE NOTE: This cross-referencing project is a work in progress.]

Films Watched and Included in this Blog

The 1960s


Inn for Trouble

[Shaun O'Riordan, Peggy Mount, Ronan O'Casey, David Kossoff, Paddi Edwards, Leslie Phillips, Arthur Lawrence, Graham Stark, Barbara Mitchell, Alan Rolfe, Fred Robinson, Edward Malin, Alan Wheatley, Stanley Unwin, Charles Hawtrey, Edwin Richfield, Yvonne Monlaur, Frank Williams, Gerald Campion, Glyn Owen, Willoughby Goddard, A.E. Matthews, Irene Handl, Esma Cannon, Graham Moffatt, Katy Cashfield, Tony Doonan, Dickie Owen, Raymond Rollett, Jack Sharp, Jack Taylor, Joe Wadham, John Woodnutt, Edward Woodward]

The Little Shop of Horrors


The Man in the Back Seat

[Derren Nesbitt, Keith Faulkner, Carol White, Harry Locke, Billy Dean, Abe Barker, Anthony Bate, Roy Purcell]


Danger by My Side

[Anthony Oliver, Maureen Connell, Alan Tilvern, Bill Nagy, Sonya Cordeau, Brandon Brady, Tom Naylor, Richard Klee, Kim Darvos, Michael Corcoran, Brian Hankins, Wally Patch, John Stuart, Lawrence James, Garard Green, Michael Beint, Jill Curzon, Alex Gallier, Colin Rix, Ivor Dean, Mitzi Rogers, John Martin, Gordon James, Winifred Hindle, Eric Dodson, Anne Clune, Fred Beauman, Pauline Chamberlain, Jack Taylor]

Lonely Are the Brave

[Kirk Douglas, Gena Rowlands, Walter Matthau, Michael Kane, Carroll O'Connor, William Schallert, George Kennedy, Karl Swenson, William Mims, Martin Garralaga, Lalo Rios, John Barton, Ray Beltram, Audrey Betz, Bill Bixby, Eumenio Blanco, Oscar Blank, Don Carlos, James J. Casino, Albert Cavens, Jess Cavin, Mike De Anda, Jimmy Dime, Gil Frye, Don Gazzaniga, Rudy Germane, Marv Goux, Chuck Hamilton, Harry Hines, Tex Holden, Foster Hood, George Keymas, Harry Lauter, Jack Lilley, David O. McCall, Mathew McCue, Clyde McLeod, Daniel Nunez, Robert Perry, Bill Raisch, Sam Savitsky, Bernard Sell, Dan Sheridan, Ray Spiker, Vincent St. Cyr, Robert Strong, Jack Tornek, Rosa Turich, Stuart Wade, Charles Wagenheim, Roque Ybarra]





Dateline Diamonds

[William Lucas, Kenneth Cope, George Mikell, Conrad Phillips, Patsy Rowlands, Burnell Tucker, Anna Carteret, Vanda Godsell, Gertan Klauber, Doel Luscombe, Peter Zander, Geoffrey Lumsden, Ronald Bridges, David Kirk, Jay Adams, Steve Marriott, Sandra Orr, Ronnie Lane, Kenney Jones, Mark Richardson, Kenny Everett, Jimmy Winston, Riss Chantelle, Kiki Dee, Rey Anton, Philip Birch, Ben Toney, Tony Withers]





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