Thursday 16 June 2022

Identified by Forgotten Actors Blog

The following is a list of actors and actresses that I have identified in certain films and that were at the time (and to my knowledge) not listed anywhere else on the Internet or any books that I have read. This is to me the most interesting part of doing this blog, finding something new that has not been documented before. Of course this is a difficult thing to prove and is really just something that makes me happy. The most important thing is that more information comes to light about these actors and the films they were in and credit is given to them where it is due.

Joy Hallward in Magic Town (1947) (Identified January 2014)
Harley Wood in Knockout Drops (1935) (Identified 24 September 2020)
Lillian Harmer in Hard Guy (1941) (Identified 17 August 2013)
Charles Halton in Midnight (1934) (Identified 14 August 2013)
Lois Moran in Too Many Kisses (1925) (Identified on 30 May 2022)
Marion Gray in The Apartment (1960) (Identified 28 May 2024)
Clara Guiol in 45 Minutes from Hollywood (1926) (Identified in 2019/2020)
Danny Jackson in Mutiny in the County (1940) (Identified 14 June 2020)
Mary Halsey in Bombardier (1943) (Identified in May 2014)
Hazel Boyne in Magic Town (1947) (Identified in May 2022)
Lester Dorr in Everything's on Ice (1939) (Identified 6 December 2022)
Lester Dorr in Harvest Melody (1943) (Identified 3 May 2017)
Dorothy Vernon in Magic Town (1947) (Identified in May 2022)
Charles McAvoy in The Big Street (1942) (Identified in May 2022)
Edmund Mortimer in Honeymoon Deferred (1940)
Chester Clute in Invisible Stripes (1939) (Identified in September 2016)
Lyle Tayo in Number, Please? (1920) (Identified on 3 December 2022)
Libby Taylor in The Cole Case (1932) (Identified on 26 April 2023)
Sally Yarnell in The Big Noise (1944) (Identified in 2022)




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