Friday, 30 April 2021

Jay Wilsey

Born: 6 February 1896, Hillsdale, Missouri, USA
Died: 25 October 1961, Los Angeles, California, USA
Was often credited as Buffalo Bill Jr., a name he was given when he worked for Action Pictures, although he has no connection to Buffalo Bill whatsoever.

Rainbow Valley (1935) as Butch Galt (Credited as Buffalo Bill Jr.)

Jay Wilsey is on the left, with LeRoy Mason.

Bert Dillard

Born: 25 March 1909, Equiela, Texas, USA
Died: 19 June 1960, Ruidoso Downs, New Mexico, USA
Bert Dillard was a stuntman and an actor, mainly in Westerns. He is the younger brother of Art Dillard.

Rainbow Valley (1935) as Henchman Spike

John Wayne has his hand on Bert Dillard. LeRoy Mason is on the left and George 'Gabby' Hayes is sporting a beard.

Lucile Browne

Born: 18 March 1907, Memphis, Tennessee, USA
Died: 10 May 1976, Lexington, Virginia, USA
Lucile Browne was a model before turning to acting. She appeared on stage in Chicago and eventually landed a film contract with Fox Film Corporation in 1930. One of her earliest films was also the first film to feature The Three Stooges, 'Soup to Nuts', but later she settled into a career in Westerns and action serials. In 1932 Lucile Browne married actor James Flavin.  

Soup to Nuts (1930) as Louise - Otto's Niece

Lucile Browne is on the left in the lighter-coloured dress, with Ted Healy and Frances McCoy.

Rainbow Valley (1935) as Eleanor (Credited as Lucille Browne)

Appearing alongside John Wayne as his love interest.

LeRoy Mason

Born: 2 July 1903, Larimore, North Dakota, USA
Died: 13 October 1947, Los Angeles, California, USA
Rainbow Valley (1935) as Rogers


New Frontier (1939) as M.C. Gilbert

LeRoy Mason is on the left, with Harrison Greene.

Sammy McKim

Born: 20 December 1924, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Died: 9 July 2004, Burbank, California, USA

New Frontier (1939) as Stevie Braddock


Betty Mack

Born: 30 November 1901, Illinois, USA
Died: 5 November 1980, Placerville, California, USA

New Frontier (1939) as Lucy Braddock (uncredited)

Eddy Waller has his arm around Betty Mack.

Thursday, 29 April 2021

Grace Goodall

Born: 12 June 1889, San Francisco, California, USA
Died: 27 September 1940, Los Angeles, California, USA

Okay Toots! (1935) as Party Guest (uncredited)

Grace Goodall is on the left. On the right is May Wallace and Charley Chase is the centre of attention.

Scotty Mattraw

Born: 19 October 1880, Evans Mills, New York, USA
Died: 9 November 1946, Hollywood, California, USA

Okay Toots! (1935) as Mr. Jones (uncredited)

Scotty Mattraw is on the left, with Ferdinand Munier and Jeanie Roberts.

Ferdinand Munier

Born: 3 December 1887, National City, California, USA
Died: 27 May 1945, Hollywood, California, USA

Okay Toots! (1935) as Mr. Brown, the Boss

Polly Chase

Born: 8 April 1916, California, USA
Died: 28 November 1957, Riverside County, California, USA
Polly Chase was the daughter of Charley Chase.

Okay Toots! (1935) as Office Switchboard Operator (uncredited)

Jeanie Roberts

Born: 3 June 1913, Orange County, California, USA
Died: 12 April 1971, Los Angeles, California, USA
Had a unique voice that would have been good for cartoons, rather like Betty Boop.

Okay Toots! (1935) as Emily 'Toots' Chase

Jack Thomas

Born: unknown
Died: unknown

Okay Toots! (1935) as Traffic Cop (uncredited)

Wednesday, 28 April 2021

Elsie Gilbert

Born: unknown
Died: unknown

Nifty Nurses (1934) as Featured Singing Nurse

Johnny Downs is the doctor.

Billy Wells

Born: unknown
Died: unknown
Billy Wells was a vaudeville performer who made a few appearances in films in the 1930s.

Nifty Nurses (1934) as Patient

Constance Bergen

Born: 15 March 1912, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Died: 8 December 1979, Tustin, California, USA

Nifty Nurses (1934) as Patient in Wheelchair (uncredited)

Okay Toots! (1935) as Mrs. Brown, the Boss's Wife

With Ferdinand Munier.

Fred Holmes

Born: 30 July 1904, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Died: 26 March 1986, Orange, California, USA
Nifty Nurses (1934) as Short Doctor


August Tollaire

Born: 7 March 1866, Paris, France
Died: 15 January 1959, Los Angeles, California, USA

Nifty Nurses (1934) as Bearded Doctor

Nelson McDowell

Born: 14 August 1870, Greenville, Missouri, USA
Died: 3 November 1947, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA

Nifty Nurses (1934) as Doctor

May Beatty

Born: 4 June 1880, Christchurch, New Zealand
Died: 1 April 1945, Covina, California, USA

Night Life of the Gods (1935) as Mrs. Betts (uncredited)

May Beatty is on the right, with Arlene Carroll. Gilbert Emery stands behind them.

Monday, 26 April 2021

Theresa Maxwell Conover

Born: 26 September 1884, Richmond, Indiana, USA
Died: September 1968, Levittown, New York, USA

Night Life of the Gods (1935) as Alice Lambert

Wesley Barry

Born: 10 August 1907, Los Angeles, California, USA
Died: 11 April 1994, Fresno, California, USA

Night Life of the Gods (1935) as Alfred Lambert, Jr.

Florine McKinney

Born: 13 December 1909, Mart, Texas, USA
Died: 28 July 1975, Van Nuys, California, USA

Night Life of the Gods (1935) as Meg

Not a great picture of Florine McKinney. She starred in this strange comedy.

Richard Carle

Born: 7 July 1871, Somerville, Massachusetts, USA
Died: 28 June 1941, North Hollywood, California, USA

Night Life of the Gods (1935) as Grandpa Lambert

Richard Carle is on the left, with Phillips Smalley.

Gilbert Emery

Born: 11 June 1875, Naples, New York, USA
Died: 28 October 1945, Los Angeles, California, USA

Night Life of the Gods (1935) as Betts

Arlene Carroll

Born: unknown
Died: unknown

Night Life of the Gods (1935) as Stella, the maid

Arlene Carroll is in the centre. On the left is Gilbert Emery and on the right is Theresa Maxwell Conover.

Monday, 19 April 2021

1959 Films


Cover Girl Killer

[Harry H. Corbett, Felicity Young, Spencer Teakle, Victor Brooks, Bernadette Milnes, Christina Gregg, Tony Doonan, John Barrard, Alan Edwards, Charles Lloyd Pack, Dermot Kelly, Denis Holmes, Julie Shearing, Tony Thawnton, Paddy Joyce, Claude Jones, John Baker, Frank Barringer, Jimmy Scott]
Have Rocket -- Will Travel
[Joe DeRita, Larry Fine, Moe Howard, Jerome Cowan, Anna-Lisa, Robert Colbert, Don Lamond (voice), Marjorie Bennett, George Bruggeman, George DeNormand, Bill Dyer, Perk Lazelle, Dal McKennon (voice), Sol Murgi, George Nardelli, Murray Pollack, Nadia Sanders, Cosmo Sardo, Robert Stevenson (voice)] 

Operation Petticoat

[Cary Grant, Tony Curtis, Joan O'Brien, Dina Merrill, Gene Evans, Dick Sargent, Virginia Gregg, Robert F. Simon, Robert Gist, Gavin MacLeod, George Dunn, Dick Crockett, Madlyn Rhue, Marion Ross, Clarence Lung, Frankie Darro, Tony Pastor Jr., Bob Hoy, Nicky Blair, John W. Morley, Arthur O'Connell, Hal Baylor, William Bryant, Bert Byers, Dick Callinan, Gordon Casell, Malcolm Cassell, H. Haile Chace, Tony Corrado, Dale Cummings, Francis De Sales, Vince Deadrick Sr., Alan Dexter, Kirk Douglas, Tusi Faiivae, Paul Frees, Bob Gibson, Larry Gilliland, Preston Hanson, Fred Harflinger II, Harry Harvey Jr., Vi Ingraham, Glenn Jacobson, Robert Keys, Joseph Kim, William Kinney, James Lanphier, Nelson Leigh, Leon Lontoc, John James Russell, Alan Scott, Bob Stratton, Nino Tempo, Howard Venezia, Francis L. Ward, Robert C. Youmans]

1958 Films


The Sheepman

[Glenn Ford, Shirley MacLaine, Leslie Nielsen, Mickey Shaughnessy, Edgar Buchanan, Willis Bouchey, Pernell Roberts, Slim Pickens, Robert 'Buzz' Henry, Pedro Gonzalez Gonzalez, Richard Alexander, Leon Alton, Roscoe Ates, Emile Avery, Walter Bacon, Sam Bagley, Irene Barton, Danny Borzage, John Bose, George Boyce, Lane Bradford, Chet Brandenburg, George Bruggeman, Brandy Bryan, Ralph Bucko, Lorraine Carol, Edith Clair, Bill Clark, G. Pat Collins, Gene Coogan, Russell Custer, Roy Damron, Franklyn Farnum, Lee Tung Foo, Joel Friend, Kenneth Gibson, James Gonzalez, Tom Greenway, Kit Guard, Signe Hack, Bill Hale, Harry Harvey, Les Hellman, Percy Helton, Tex Holden, Jimmie Horan, Wes Hudman, Harvey Karels, Dave Kashner, Tom Kennedy, Norman Leavitt, Forrest Lewis, Tom London, Frank Marlowe, Kermit Maynard, Frank Mills, Burt Mustin, William Newell, Jack Perry, Jose Portugal, Ray Pourchot, Paul Ravel, Bob Reeves, Mitchell Rhein, Dick Rich, Robert Robinson, John Roy, Jerry Schumacher, Bernad Sell, Lucile Sewall, Clint Sharp, Cap Somers, Walter Soo Hoo, Ray Spiker, Jack Stoney, Peggy Taylor, Dan White, Harry Wilson, Harry Woods]

1957 Films



1954 Films


The Caine Mutiny

[Humphrey Bogart, José Ferrer, Van Johnson, Fred MacMurray, Robert Francis, May Wynn, Tom Tully, E. G. Marshall, Arthur Franz, Lee Marvin, Warner Anderson, Claude Akins, Katherine Warren, Jerry Paris, Steve Brodie, David Alpert, Don Anderson, Herbert Anderson, James Best, Whit Bissell, Robert Bray, James Conaty, Ted Cooper, Don Dillaway, Don Dubbins, Johnny Duncan, James Edwards, Ben Harris, Sam Harris, Joe Haworth, Roy Jenson, Todd Karns, Don Keefer, Edward Laguna, Frank Losee Jr., Dayton Lummis, Kenneth MacDonald, Paul McGuire, Tyler McVey, Patrick Miller, Richard Norris, Barry Norton, Steve Pendleton, Jay Richards, Gene Starns, Bert Stevens, James Todd, John Tomeck]

1951 Films


The Man in the White Suit

[Alec Guinness, Joan Greenwood, Cecil Parker, Michael Gough, Ernest Thesiger, Howard Marion-Crawford, Henry Mollison, Vida Hope, Patric Doonan, Duncan Lamont, Harold Goodwin, Colin Gordon, Joan Harben, Arthur Howard, Roddy Hughes, Stuart Latham, Miles Malleson, Edie Martin, Mandy Miller, Charlotte Mitchell, Olaf Olsen, Desmond Roberts, Ewan Roberts, John Rudling, Charles Saynor, Russell Waters, Brian Worth, George Benson, Frank Atkinson, Charles Cullum, F. B. J. Sharp, Scott Harrold, Jack Howarth, Jack McNaughton, Judith Furse, Billy Russell, David Boyd, Alan Haines, Arthur Mullard, Carol Wolveridge]

1953 Films


Hannah Lee: An American Primitive 

Mesa of Lost Women

[Jackie Coogan, Allan Nixon, Richard Travis, Lyle Talbot (voice), Paula Hill, Robert Knapp, Tandra Quinn, Chris-Pin Martin, Harmon Stevens, Nico Lek, Kelly Drake, John Martin, George Barrows, Candy Collins, Dolores Fuller, Dean Riesner, Doris Lee Price, Mona McKinnon, Sherry Moreland, Ginger Sherry, Chris Randall, Diane Fortier, Karna Greene, June Benbow, Katherine Victor, Fred Kelsey, Samuel Wu, Margia Dean, Elias Gamboa, John George, Doris Hart, Jack Low, Paul Ravel, Waclaw Rekwart, Suzanne Ridgway, Julian Rivero, Angelo Rossitto] 

Mister Scoutmaster
[Clifton Webb, Edmund Gwenn, George Winslow, Frances Dee, Veda Ann Borg, Orley Lindgren, Jimmy Hawkins, Jimmy Moss, Sammy Ogg, Skip Torgerson, Lee Aaker, Mickey Little, Jon Gardner, Sarah Selby, Amanda Randolph, Otis Garth, Harry Seymour, Bill McKenzie, Steve Brent, Dee Aaker, Robert Adler, Harry Carter, Jack Chefe, Martin Dean, Elizabeth Flournoy, Dick Fortune, Ralph Gamble, Ned Glass, Tom Greenway, Dabbs Greer, Mary Alan Hokanson, Teddy Infuhr, Stan Malotte, Alma Mansfield, Michael McLean, Frank Mills, Billy Nelson, Gordon Nelson, Dee Pollock, Bert Stevens, Kay Stewart, Bob Sweeney, Tina Thompson, Robert B. Williams, Robert Winans]
Murder at 3am
[Dennis Price, Peggy Evans, Rex Garner, Arnold Bell, Greta Mayaro, Philip Saville, Leonard Sharp, Nora Gordon, Renee Goddard, Arthur Lovegrove, Daphne Maddox, Robert Weeden, John Davis, Victor Harrington, Aileen Lewis] 

Sunday, 18 April 2021

Katherine Victor

Born: 18 August 1923, Hell's Kitchen [now Clinton], Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA
Died: 22 October 2004, West Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA

Mesa of Lost Women (1953) as Car-Driver Spider Woman (Credited as Katina Vea)

Dolores Fuller

Born: 10 March 1923, South Bend, Indiana, USA
Died: 9 May 2011, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
In the mid 1950s Dolores Fuller fell in love with Ed Wood Jr. and helped him make some of his most famous films including Glen or Glenda (1953), often supplying him with costumes for his female characters and also his cross-dressing.
Dolores Fuller, under the name Dee Fuller, was also a songwriter. She wrote songs that were sung by Elvis Presley in some of his films. She also wrote songs for Nat King Cole and Tanya Tucker.

Mesa of Lost Women (1953) as Lost Woman, Blonde 'Watcher in the Woods'

Allan Nixon

Born: 17 August 1915, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Died: 13 April 1995, Los Angeles, California, USA

Mesa of Lost Women (1953) as 'Doc' Tucker

Allan Nixon sees to Paula Hill.

John Martin

Born: unknown
Died: unknown

Mesa of Lost Women (1953) as Frank