Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Nina Vale

Born: unknown
Died: unknown

Very few credits and not much is known about Nina Vale. She also acted under the name Anne Hunter.

The Gay Falcon (1941) as Elinor Benford (credited as Anne Hunter)

Nina Vale was beautiful and a good actress in parts like these. Why she only made three films is uncertain.


  1. What part did she play in The Gay Falcon? I thought she was Helen Reed, the dark-haired beauty who aided the Falcon, but Wikipedia says she played the Falcon's long-suffering fiancee, Elinor. I think I'm right, but really don't know. Other part played by Wendy Barrie, wjo's blond.

  2. Barrie played Helen Reed, Vale, the Falcon's fiance...

  3. also in Cornered 1945. great acting and a precious film

  4. She bore a resemblance to Vivien Leigh. A 'lost player'if ever there was one.