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Films Watched and Included in this Blog - 1930s

When I research an actor or actress I would normally watch a film in its entirety to make sure I have the right information regarding the character name and any other information I care to include. Occasionally, this isn't possible owing to the film being only available in part or not at all so I have to rely on other sources for the picture. This is very rare and I can only think of around three or four instances of this happening in the entire blog. When this does happen I endeavour to credit the source website. Many of the screen caps come from films that I have come across on YouTube, but occasionally I use commerical sources such as DVDs to capture the pictures. I do this blog for educational purposes and to hopefully encourage people to go and watch the film for themselves.

Below is the list of films in chronological order that I have watched to create this blog. All my entries into this blog are of actors or actresses who have appeared in films or television sometime between 1888 and 1969. Later films are only included where there were actors in them from the aforementioned period. For example, Jack Nicholson began his film career in the 1950s and was still acting in the 2010s and therefore any film I watch with Jack Nicholson in will be included.

Next to the film title is the names of all of the actors, actresses and extras known to have appeared in the film. Some will have links to take you to their page in this blog.

[PLEASE NOTE: This cross-referencing project is a work in progress.]

Films Watched and Included in this Blog

The 1930s


For the Defense

[William Powell, Kay Francis, Scott Kolk, William B. Davidson, Thomas E. Jackson, Harry Walker, James Finlayson, Charles West, Bertram Marburgh, Ernie Adams, Billy Bevan, Allan Cavan, John Cromwell, Sidney D'Albrook, Mike Donlin, John Elliott, Ruth Hall, George 'Gabby' Hayes, Robert Homans, Edward LeSaint, William McCall, Guy Oliver, Kane Richmond, Syd Saylor, Rolfe Sedan, Charles Sullivan]

Getting a Ticket (Short)

[Eddie Cantor, Charles C. Wilson]

Her Man

[Helen Twelvetrees, Phillips Holmes, Marjorie Rambeau, James Gleason, Ricardo Cortez, Harry Sweet, Slim Summerville, Thelma Todd, Franklin Pangborn, Stanley Fields, Matthew Betz, Mike Donlin, Vince Barnett, Frank Brownlee, George Chandler, Richard Cramer, Blythe Daley, Edgar Dearing, George Dye, Neely Edwards, Sally Ferguson, Frank Hagney, Chuck Hamilton, Pat Harmon, Ruth Hiatt, Peggy Howard, Bud Jamison, Leila Karnelly, Hank Mann, Joe Rivers, Edith Rosita, Jack Silver, Charles Sullivan, George Templeton, Tom Tyler, Josephine Velez, Sailor Vincent, Slim Whitaker, Harry Wilson]

The Laurel-Hardy Murder Case (Short)

[Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Frank Austin, Stanley Blystone, Bobby Burns, Jack Rube Clifford, Rosa Gore, Dorothy Granger, Charlie Hall, Dell Henderson, Fred Kelsey, Lon Poff, Art Rowlands, Tiny Sandford]

Shivering Shakespeare (Short)

[Norman 'Chubby' Chaney, Allen 'Farina' Hoskins, Jackie Cooper, Mary Ann Jackson, Bobby 'Wheezer' Hutchins, Donald Haines, Edith Fellows, Gordon Thorpe, Douglas Greer, Pete the Dog, Johnny Aber, Georgie Billings, Allan Cavan, Dorothy Coburn, Helen Gilmore, Carlton Griffin, Clara Guiol, Marvin Hatley, Harry Keatan, Edgar Kennedy, Ham Kinsey, Charles Lloyd, Bobby Mallon, Charles McAvoy, Helen McGowan, Jack McHugh, Retta Palmer, Malcolm Sebastian, Buster Slaven, Art Stephenson, Gertrude Sutton, Lyle Tayo, Fletcher Tolbert, Vern Trimble]


Bad Girl

[James Dunn, Sally Eilers, Minna Gombell, Frank Darien, William Pawley, Paul Fix, Frank Austin, Irving Bacon, Sue Borzage, Jesse De Vorska, Bud Eilers, Edward Hearn, Aggie Herring, Claude King, Louis Natheaux, Sarah Padden, Lorin Raker, Charles Sullivan, Billy Watson]

Chickens Come Home (Short)

[Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Mae Busch, Baldwin Cooke, Gordon Douglas, Norma Drew, James Finlayson, Elizabeth Forrester, Charles K. French, Clara Guiol, Frank Holliday, Ham Kinsey, Dorothy Layton, Venice Lloyd, Patsy O'Byrne, Gertrude Pedlar, Frank Rice, Thelma Todd]

Come Clean (Short)

[Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Mae Busch, Gertrude Astor, Linda Loredo, Eddie Baker, Gordon Douglas, Charlie Hall, Tiny Sandford]

Night Beat

[Jack Mulhall, Patsy Ruth Miller, Walter McGrail, Harry Cording, William A. Williams, Harry Semels, Richard Cramer, Ernie Adams, Jack Cheatham, Hal Price]


County Hospital (Short)

[Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Billy Gilbert, May Wallace, William Austin, Estelle Eterre, Lilyan Irene, Dorothy Layton, Betty Danko, Sam Lufkin, Baldwin Cooke, Frank Holliday, Ham Kinsey]

Taxi for Two (Short)

[Billy Gilbert, Ben Blue                  Bud Jamison, Ham KinseyJames C. Morton,     ]

Three on a Match

[Joan Blondell,                       , Humphrey Bogart,          ]


Damaged Lives


[Peggy Shannon, Lois Wilson, Sidney Blackmer, Matt Moore, Fred Kohler, Ralf Harolde, Edward Van Sloan, Samuel S. Hinds, Eddy Chandler, Lane Chandler, Ronnie Cosby, Marianne Edwards,  John Elliott, Edward Fielding, Pat Harmon, Frank Lanning, Edward LeSaint, Philo McCullough, Harry Semels, Fred 'Snowflake' Toones, Billy N. Williams]


[               Harry Cording,    ]

Quiet Please! (Short)

[Edgar Kennedy, Florence Lake, Dot Farley, William Eugene, Charles Dow Clark, Al Hill, Fred Kelsey, Eddie Borden, Bud Jamison, Cyril Ring]


Cowboy Holiday

[Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams, Janet Chandler, Julian Rivero, Richard Alexander, John Elliott, Julia Bejarano, Alma Chester, Frank Ellis, William Gould, Robert F. Hill, Archie Ricks]

I Hate Women

[Wallace Ford, June Clyde, Bradley Page, Fuzzy Knight, Barbara Rogers, Alexander Carr, Bobby Watson, Eleanor Hunt, Douglas Fowley, Cecilia Parker, Billy Erwin, Margaret Mann, Kernan Cripps, James T. Mack, Philo McCullough, Fred 'Snowflake' Toones, Shirley Lee, Joey Ray, Charlie Saxton, James Quinn, Pat Harmon, Dorothy Vernon, Joan Brandon]

I've Got Your Number

[Joan Blondell, Pat O'Brien, Allen Jenkins, Glenda Farrell, Eugene Pallette, Gordon Westcott, Henry O'Neill, Hobart Cavanaugh, Renee Whitney, Wallis Clark, Robert Ellis, Douglas Cosgrove, Selmer Jackson, Louise Beavers, Henry Kolker, Margaret Armstrong, Joseph E. Bernard, Clay Clement, Tom Costello, Joseph Crehan, James Donlan, Lester Dorr, Philip Faversham, Bess Flowers, Jean Houghton, Milton Kibbee, Rita La Roy, Mike Lally, Lorena Layson, Louise Lorimer, Mary MacLaren, Lorraine Marshall, Kitty McHugh, Edward McWade, Bert Moorhouse, Ricky Newell, Field Norton, Pat O'Malley, Inez Palange, Franklin Parker, Jack Perry, Edythe Raynore, Ronald R. Rondell, Cliff Saum, Eddie Shubert, Eddie Tamblyn, Lucille Ward, Charles C. Wilson]


[Sidney Fox, O. P. Heggie, Henry Hull, Margaret Wycherly, Lynne Overman, Katherine Wilson, Richard Whorf, Humphrey Bogart, Granville Bates, Cora Witherspoon, Moffat Johnston, Henry O'Neill, Helen Flint, Charles Halton]

Mystery Ranch

[Tom Tyler, Roberta Gale, Louise Cabo, Jack Perrin, Frank Hall Crane, Charles King, Tom London, George Chesebro, Lafe McKee, Jimmy Aubrey, Jim Corey, John Elliott, Lew Meehan, Robert Walker]

The Policy Girl (Short)

[Mitzi Mayfair, Donald Novis, Roscoe Ails, Reed Brown Jr., Gracie Worth, Ralph Sanford]

The Road to Ruin

[Helen Foster, Nell O'Day, Glen Boles, Robert Quirk, Paul Page, Richard Hemingway, Virginia True Boardman, Richard Tucker, Donald Kerr, Eleanor Thatcher, Neal Pratt, Jimmy Tolson, Edward Biby, Mae Busch, Jack Cheatham, Dorothy Davenport, Fern Emmett, Adolph Faylauer, J. C. Fowler, J. Fank Glendon, Lew Hicks, Jack Holmes, Walter James, Theodore Lorch, Stanley Mack, Merrill McCormick, Field Norton, Arthur Vinton]

Woman Unafraid

[Lucile Gleason, Richard 'Skeets' Gallagher, Lona Andre, Warren Hymer, Barbara Weeks, Laura Treadwell, Ruth Clifford, Eddie Phillips, Jason Robards Sr., Dick Elliott, Erin La Bissoniere, Julie Kingdon, Joyce Coad, Franklin Parker, Baby Waring, Ernie Adams, Jack Cheatham, George Guhl, Henry Hall, James T. Mack, Lee Phelps, Joey Ray, Florence Wix]


Big Ben Calling

[Leslie French, Mary Lawson, Warren Jenkins, Enid Stamp-Taylor, Hughie Green, Kenneth Kove, Roy Fox and his Band, Teddy Brown, Hal Booth, Sid Buckman, Edgar Driver, Roy Fox, Iva Gay, Sally Gray, Frederick Lloyd, Arthur J. Mayne, H. Saxon-Snell, John Turnbull, Fanny Wright]

Danger Ahead

[Lawrence Gray, Sheila Bromley, J. Farrell MacDonald, Fuzzy Knight, Bryant Washburn, Fred Kelsey, John Elliott, Eddie Phillips, Arthur Loft, Herschel Mayall Jr., Gordon Griffith, Earl Dwire, Richard Cramer, George Chesebro, George Magrill, George Morrell, Fred Parker, Wally West]

The Keeper of Bees

Knockout Drops (short)

Midnight Phantom

[Reginald Denny, Claudia Dell, Lloyd Hughes, James Farley, Barbara Bedford, Mary Foy, John Elliott, Francis Sayles, Al St. John, Henry Roquemore, Lee Prather, Robert Walker, Jack Kenney, Eddie Davis, Arthur Thalasso, Harley Wood]

One More Spring

Walter Woolf King,      Roger Imhof,   ]

The Pace That Kills

[Lois January, Noel Madison, Sheila Bromley, Dean Benton, Lois Lindsay, Charles Delaney, Eddie Phillips, Frank Shannon, Fay Holden, Maury Peck, Nona Lee, Gay Sheridan, Frank Collins, Dick Botiller, Donald Kerr, Eva McKenzie, Rose Plumer, Hal Price, Dick Rush, Marin Sais]


Death in the Air

[Lona Andre, John Carroll, Leon Ames, Henry Hall, John S. Peters, Gaston Glass, Pat Somerset, Wheeler Oakman, Reed Howes, John Elliott, Willard Kent, Forrest Taylor]

A Face in the Fog

[June Collyer, Lloyd Hughes, Lawrence Gray, Jack Mulhall, Al St. John, John Cowell, John Elliott, Sam Flint, Forrest Taylor, George Ball Trio, Ramsdall Dancers, Donna Lee Trio, George Ball, Ed Cassidy, Lane Chandler, Eddie Dunn, Olin Francis, Robert F. Hill, Donna Lee, Jack 'Tiny' Lipson, George Morrell, Fred Parker, Robert B. Williams]

The Law Rides

[Bob Steele, Harley Wood, Buck Connors, Charles King, Margaret Mann, Jack Rockwell, Norman Nielsen, Barney Furey, George Ball, Budd Buster, Ed Carey, Art Dillard, Jack Hendricks, Ted Mapes, Dick Morehead, George Morrell, Horace Murphy, Tex Palmer, Blackie Whiteford]

The Payoff
[    Frank Orth,       ] 
Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
Taming the Wild

[Rod La Rocque, Maxine Doyle, Barbara Pepper, Bryant Washburn, Donald Kerr, Zella Russell, Reed Howes, Vincent Dennis, Budd Buster, Jack Chefe, Olin Francis, Fred Parker, Forrest Taylor]

What Becomes of the Children

[Joan Marsh, Robert Frazer, Natalie Moorhead, Glen Boles, Claudia Dell, Niles Welch, Barbara Pepper, Larry Kent, Wilson Benge, Mary MacLaren, Sonny Bupp, Anne Bennett, Gennaro Curci, Franklyn Farnum, Joseph W. Girard, John Elliott, Margaret Bloodgood, Richard Cramer, Larry Steers]


[Burgess Meredith, Margo, Eduardo Ciannelli, John Carradine, Edward Ellis, Maurice Moscovitch, Paul Guilfoyle, Stanley Ridges, Mischa Auer, Willard Robertson, Alec Craig, Myron McCormick, Helen Jerome Eddy, Barbara Pepper, Fernanda Eliscu, George Humbert, Paul Fix, Murray Alper, Lucille Ball, Bobby Caldwell, Jack Chefe, Alan Curtis, Eddie Hart, Grace Hayle, Al Hill, Otto Hoffman, Allen 'Farina' Hoskins, Murray Kinnell, Arthur Loft, Frank Marlowe, Frank Mills, Frances Morris, Edwin Stanley, John Tringali]


Amateur Crook

[Bruce Bennett, Joan Barclay, Monte Blue, Jack Mulhall, Vivien Oakland, Jimmy Aubrey, Fuzzy Knight, Henry Roquemore, Edward Earle, Forrest Taylor, Fern Emmett, Samuel Adams, Charles Williams, Johnny Arthur]

Danger Valley

[Jack Randall, Lois Wilde, Hal Price, Charles King, Earl Dwire, Ernie Adams, Jimmy Aubrey, Ed Brady, Frank LaRue, Chick Hannan, Helen Gibson, Merrill McCormick, Victor Adamson, Barney Beasley, Jim Corey, Barney Furey, Oscar Grahan, Clyde McClary, Buck Morgan, George Morrell, Tex Palmer, Fred Parker, Archie Ricks, James Sheridan, Glenn Strange, Wally West]  
Dizzy Doctors (short)

The Great O'Malley

[Pat O'Brien,           , Humphrey BogartMary Gordon,       Hobart Cavanaugh,  ]

It's Love I'm After

[Leslie Howard, Bette Davis, Olivia de Havilland, Patric Knowles, Eric Blore, George Barbier, Bonita Granville, Spring Byington, Georgia Caine, Veda Ann Borg, E. E. Clive, Valerie Bergere, Sarah Edwards, Thomas Pogue, Grace Field, Harvey Clark, Edmund Mortimer, Thomas R. Mills, Herbert Ashley, Irving Bacon, Lionel Belmore, Georgie Cooper, Bess Flowers, Paul Irving, Jack Mower, Cliff Saum, Janet Shaw, Rosella Towne, Joan Valerie, Patricia Walthall]

Stage Door

[Katharine Hepburn, Ginger Rogers, Adolphe Menjou, Gail Patrick, Constance Collier, Andrea Leeds, Samuel S. Hinds, Lucille Ball, Franklin Pangborn, William Corson, Pierre Watkin, Grady Sutton, Frank Reicher, Jack Carson, Phyllis Kennedy, Eve Arden, Ann Miller, Margaret Early, Jean Rouverol, Elizabeth Dunne, Norma Drury, Betty Jane Rhodes, Peggy O'Donnell, Jan Wiley, Katharine Alexander, Ralph Forbes, Mary Forbes, Huntley Gordon, Pamela Blake, Mary Bovard, Lynton Brent, D'Arcy Corrigan, Alison Craig, Laurie Douglas, Lynn Gabriel, Jack Gardner, Jack Gargan, Diana Gibson, Frances Gifford, Lynda Grey, Ben Hendricks Jr., Al Hill, Vicki Joyce, Julie Kingdon, Theodore Kosloff, Ada Leonard, Marie Marks, Jack Montgomery, Gerda Mora, Philip Morris, Edmund Mortimer, George Nardelli, Edgar Norton, Marie Osborne, Bob Perry, Frances Reid, Jack Rice, Jack Richardson, Fred Santley, Mary Louise Smith, Larry Steers, Bert Stevens, Mary Stewart, Harry Strang, Theodore von Eltz, Max Wagner, Crawford Weaver, Cynthia Westlake, Josephine Whittell, Florence Wix]

The Wrong Road

[Richard Cromwell,      Horace McMahon,      ]


Four Daughters

[Claude Rains, Jeffrey Lynn, John Garfield, Frank McHugh, May Robson, Gale Page, Dick Foran, Vera Lewis, Tom Dugan, Eddie Acuff, Donald Kerr, Priscilla Lane, Rosemary Lane, Lola Lane, Joe Cunningham, Lillian Lawrence, Wilfred Lucas, Jerry Mandy]

Men Are Such Fools

[Wayne Morris, Priscilla Lane, Humphrey Bogart, Hugh Herbert, Johnnie Davis, Penny Singleton, Mona Barrie, Marcia Ralston, Gene Lockhart, Kathleen Lockhart, Donald Briggs, Nedda Harrigan, Eric Stanley, Claud Allister, Renie Riano, Vivian Austin, Fern Barry, Wade Boteler, Glen Cavender, Edgar Dearing, Harry Fox, Edward Gargan, Jack A. Goodrich, John Harron, Grace Hayle, Leyland Hodgson, Max Hoffman Jr., Stuart Holmes, Carole Landis, Lois Lindsay, Al Lloyd, Bess Meyers, Robert Middlemass, Dennis Moore, Jack Mower, Ken Niles, Spec O'Donnell, Paul Panzer, John Ridgely, Cliff Saum, Charles Sherlock, Bruce Sidney, Rosella Towne, Tom Ung, Bruce Warren, Leo White, Claude Wisberg, Walter Young]


Convict's Code

[Robert Kent, Anne Nagel, Sidney Blackmer, Victor Kilian, Norman Willis, Maude Eburne, Ben Alexander, Pat Flaherty, Carleton Young, Howard C. Hickman, Joan Barclay, Harry Strang, George Cleveland, Lester Dorr, Jane Keckley, Donald Kerr, Frank LaRue, Maxine Leslie, Lafe McKee, Dennis Moore, Hal Price, Kathryn Sheldon, Carol Tevis]

Destry Rides Again

[Marlene Dietrich, James Stewart, Mischa Auer, Charles Winninger, Brian Donlevy, Allen Jenkins, Warren Hymer, Irene Hervey, Una Merkel, Billy Gilbert, Samuel S. Hinds, Jack Carson, Tom Fadden, Virginia Brissac, Edmund MacDonald, Lillian Yarbo, Joe King, Dickie Jones, Ann E. Todd, Richard Alexander, Silver Tip Baker, John Barton, Chief John Big Tree, Billy Bletcher, Rudy Bowman, Ed Brady, Loren Brown, Ralph Bucko, Roy Bucko, Bob Card, George Chesebro, Noble 'Kid' Chissell, Dora Clement, Bill Cody Jr., Spade Cooley, Harry Cording, Carmen D'Antonio, Harold DeGarro, Tex Driscoll, Florence Dudley, Ruth Eddings, O. K. Ford, Sam Garrett, Slim Gaut, William Gillis, Jack Gordon, Lloyd Ingraham, Marjorie Kane, Paul King, Harley Luse, Johnny Luther, Cactus Mack, Kermit Maynard, Frank McCarroll, Bud McClure, Merrill McCormick, Philo McCullough, Robert McKenzie, Robert Milasch, Charles Murphy, Tex Parker, Carl Sepulveda, Mary Shannon, Rudy Sooter, Betta St. John, William Steele, Leo Sulky, Al Taylor, Henry Tenbrook, Jack Tornek, Minerva Urecal, Leslie Vincent, Hank West, Dan White, Blackie Whiteford, Alex Woloshin, Duke York]

Each Dawn I Die

[James Cagney, George Raft, Jane Bryan, George Bancroft, Maxie Rosenbloom, Stanley Ridges, Alan Baxter, Victor Jory, John Wray, Edward Pawley, Willard Robertson, Emma Dunn, Paul Hurst, Louis Jean Heydt, Joe Downing, Thurston Hall, William B. Davidson, Clay Clement, Charles Trowbridge, Harry Cording, Raymond Bailey, Abner Biberman, Martin Clichy, John Conte, John Dilson, Sam Finn, James Flavin, Arthur Gardner, Jack A. Goodrich, Fred Graham, Joe Gray, Mark Gray, Chuck Hamilton, John Harron, Eddie Hart, Al Hill, Max Hoffman Jr., Stuart Holmes, Robert Homans, Art Howard, John Irwin, Selmer Jackson, Mike Lally, Wilfred Lucas, Walter Miller, Bert Moorhouse, Lew Morphy, Wedgwood Nowell, Frank O'Connor, Henry Otho, Paul Panzer, Bob Perry, Jack Perry, Lee Phelps, Dick Rich, John Ridgely, Hector V. Sarno, Cliff Saum, Napoleon Simpson, Garland Smith, Jack C. Smith, James P. Spencer, Charles Sullivan, Elliott Sullivan, Harry Tenbrook, Sailor Vincent, Emmett Vogan, Leo White, Jack Wise, Maris Wrixon]

Fast and Furious

[Franchot Tone, Ann Sothern, Ruth Hussey, Lee Bowman, Allyn Joslyn, John Miljan, Bernard Nedell, Mary Beth Hughes, Cliff Clark, James Burke, Frank Orth, Margaret Roach, Gladys Blake, Granville Bates, Ernie Alexander, C.  Bakaleinikoff, Muriel Barr, Patsy Bedell, Arthur Belasco, Mel Blanc, Anne Borglum, Sidney Bracey, Harry Brown, Bill Cartledge, Jack Chapin, Irene Coleman, Jack Daley, Rube Demarest, Lester Dorr, Yvonne Duval, Sam Finn, James Flavin, Jerry Fletcher, Jack Foss, Caroline Frasher, Inna Gest, Eddie Gribbon, Edward Hearn, Tom Herbert, Marilyn Hope, William Irving, Claire James, Lois Lindsay, Buddy Messinger, Harold Minjir, Paul Newlan, George Noisom, Tom O'Grady, Claire Owen, Bert Roach, Henry Roquemore, Clarice Sherry, Will Stanton, Brick Sullivan, Charles Sullivan, William Tannen, Phillip Terry, Ray Turner, Joe Yule]

Four Wives

[Priscilla Lane, Rosemary Lane, Lola Lane, Gale Page, Claude Rains, Jeffrey Lynn, Eddie Albert, May Robson, Frank McHugh, Dick Foran, Henry O'Neill, Vera Lewis, John Qualen, Loia Cheaney, Robert Warwick, Pat West, Claude Wisberg, Sidney Bracey, Hobart Cavanaugh, Glen Cavender, Betty Ross Clarke, Dora Clement, Michael Conroy, Neal Dodd, Claire Du Brey, Betty Farrington, Olin Howland, Danny Jackson, Lillian Lawrence, Al Lloyd, Wilfred Lucas, Wendell Niles, Paul Panzer, George Reeves, Ruth Robinson, Ruth Tobey, Dorothy Vernon, Leo White, Arline Willden, Lottie Williams, Isabel Withers]

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

[Charles Laughton,          Harry Cording,     , Charles Halton,        ]

Invisible Stripes

[George Raft, Jane Bryan, William Holden, Humphrey Bogart, Flora Robson, Paul Kelly, Lee Patrick, Henry O'Neill, Frankie Thomas, Moroni Olsen, Margot Stevenson, Marc Lawrence, Joe Downing, Leo Gorcey, William Haade, Tully Marshall, Maude Allen, Raymond Bailey, Bruce Bennett, Wade Boteler, Sidney Bracey, Frank Bruno, Eddy Chandler, Lane Chandler, Cliff Clark, Richard Clayton, Chester CluteG. Pat Collins, Ray Cooke, Joseph Crehan, William B. Davidson, Joe Devlin, Ralph Dunn, Robert Elliott, Frank Faylen, Sam Finn, Pat Flaherty, Jane Gilbert, Jack Gordon, Mack Gray, John Hamilton, Bert Hanlon, Lew Harvey, Al Hill Jr., Al Hill, Max Hoffman Jr., William Hopper, J. Anthony Hughes, John Irwin, Selmer Jackson, Walter James, Victor Kilian, Ethan Laidlaw, Mike Lally, Marion Martin, Frank Mayo, Stan Meyers, Jack Mower, Pat O'Malley, Emory Parnell, Lee Phelps, Allen Pomeroy, Tom Quinn, John Ridgely, Harry Strang, George Taylor, Charles C. Wilson, Harry Wilson, Claude Wisberg, Dorothea Wolbert]

Mesquite Buckaroo

[Bob Steele, Carolyn Curtis, Frank LaRue, Juanita Fletcher, Charles King, Carleton Young, Ted Adams, Jimmy Aubrey, Ed Brady, Bruce Dane, 'Snub' Pollard, John Elliott, Jack Cooper, Junior Eskew, Al Evans, Martin Faust, Ken Fletcher, Dick Griffith, Chick Hannan, Joe Horn, Abe Lefton, Mel Morris, Fox O'Callahan, Homer Oakland, Tex Palmer, Gene Ross, Matty Roubert, Joe Ryan, Texas Slim, Paul St. Croix, Tom Sutton, George Wells]

Nancy Drew...Reporter

[Bonita Granville, John Litel, Frankie Thomas, Dickie Jones, Mary Lee, Larry Williams, Betty Amann, Thomas E. Jackson, Olin Howland, Sheila Bromley, Hooper Atchley, Irving Bacon, Sam Bagley, Al Bain, Frankie Burke, Nat Carr, Glen Cavender, Loia Cheaney, Steve Clark, Jimmy Conlin, Clyde Courtright, John Dilson, Edgar Edwards, Jimmie Fox, Paul Fung, Willie Fung, Chester Gan, Jack A. Goodrich, Dick Gordon, Sol Gorss, William Gould, Eddie Graham, Kit Guard, George Guhl, Robert Haines, Florence Halop, Charles Halton, Al Herman, Harry Hollingsworth, Jack Kenney, Johnny Kern, Paul King, Joan Leslie, Al Lloyd, George Lloyd, Charles Marsh, Frank Mayo, Pat McKee, Jack Mower, Leonard Mudie, George Offerman Jr., Frank Orth, Paul Panzer, Bob Perry, Jack Perry, Jessie Perry, Renie Riano, John J. Richardson, John Ridgely, Betty Roadman, Cliff Saum, Charles Smith, Charles Sullivan, Elliott Sullivan, Lois Verner, Jack Wagner, Pat West, Leo White, Jack Wise, Walter Young]

Slightly Honorable

[Pat O'Brien, Edward Arnold, Broderick Crawford, Ruth Terry, Alan Dinehart, Claire Dodd, Phyllis Brooks, Eve Arden, Douglass Dumbrille, Bernard Nedell, Douglas Fowley, Ernest Truex, Janet Beecher, Evelyn Keyes, John Sheehan, Addison Richards, Cliff Clark, Howard Hickman, Willie Best, Robert Middlemass, Paul McVey, John Deering, Art Baker, Dale Armstrong, Eddy Chandler, Jack Green, Dick Rush, Max Rose, Jack Winn, Muriel Barr, Jack Baxley, Ed Brady, Wheaton Chambers, Irene Coleman, James Conaty, Frank Dae, Pat Davis, Charles K. French, Jack Gargan, Tay Garnett, Al Hill Jr., Al Hill, Bud Jamison, Marjorie Kane, Richard Keene, Donald Kerr, Mike Lally, George Magrill, Bernard Matis, Jack Perry, Gerald Pierce, Victor Potel, Cyril Ring, Irving Wickes, Zack Williams]


[John Wayne, Claire Trevor, Andy Devine, John Carradine, Thomas Mitchell, Louise Platt, George Bancroft, Donald Meek, Berton Churchill, Tim Holt, Tom Tyler, Dorothy Appleby, Frank Baker, Chief John Big Tree, Ted Billings, Wiggie Blowne, Danny Borzage, Ed Brady, Fritzi Brunette, Yakima Canutt, Nora Cecil, Steve Clemente, Bill Cody, Jack Curtis, Marga Ann Deighton, Patricia Doyle, Tex Driscoll, Johnny Eckert, Franklyn Farnum, Francis Ford, Brenda Fowler, Olin Francis, Helen Gibson, Don Hawks, Robert Homans, William Hopper, Si Jenks, Cornelius Keefe, Florence Lake, Al Lee, Duke R. Lee, Theodore Lorch, Chris-Pin Martin, Jim Mason, Louis Mason, Merrill McCormick, J. P. McGowan, Walter McGrail, Paul McVey, Jack Mohr, Kent Odell, Artie Ortego, Vester Pegg, Jack Pennick, Chris Phillips, Joe Rickson, Buddy Roosevelt, Elvira Rios, Mickey Simpson, Margaret Smith, Chuck Stubbs, Harry Tenbrook, Leonard Trainor, Mary Kathleen Walker, Bryant Washburn, Whitehorse, Hank Worden]

Star Reporter

[Warren Hull, Marsha Hunt, Wallis Clark, Clay Clement, Morgan Wallace, Virginia Howell, Paul Fix, Joseph Crehan, Eddie Kane, William Ruhl, Effie Anderson, Lester Dorr, Monte Collins, Denis Tankard, Jack Gardner, Kit Guard, Lew Kelly, Dick Rush, Harry Semels, Harry Strang, Ray Teal, Robert J. Wilke]

Tell No Tales

[Melvyn Douglas, Louise Platt, Gene Lockhart, Douglass Dumbrille, Florence George, Halliwell Hobbes, Zeffie Tilbury, Harlan Briggs, Sara Haden, Hobart Cavanaugh, Oscar O'Shea, Theresa Harris, Jean Fenwick, Esther Dale, Joseph Crehan, Tom Collins, Clayton Moore, Ernie Alexander, King Baggot, Joseph E. Bernard, James Blaine, Gladys Blake, Charles D. Brown, Everett Brown, Heinie Conklin, Nick Copeland, Jack Daley, Harry Depp, Claire Du Brey, Ruby Elzy, Billy Engle, Pat Flaherty, James Flavin, Mary Gordon, Hilda Haywood, Brandon Hurst, Roger Imhof, Thomas E. Jackson, Thaddeus Jones, Fred Kelsey, Rosalie Lincoln, George Magrill, John Marlowe, Mantan Moreland, Edmund Mortimer, James C. Morton, George Noisom, Florence O'Brien, Frank Orth, Lee Phelps, Renie Riano, Addison Richards, Claire Rochelle, Madame Sul-Te-Wan, Gertrude Sutton, Ben Taggart, Phil Tead, Phillip Terry, Harry Tyler, Monte Vandergrift, Ray Walker, Anthony Warde, E. Alyn Warren, Ernest Whitman, Norman Willis, Ward Wing, Ian Wolfe]

They Made Her a Spy

[                 Addison Richards,   , Charles HaltonEdmund Mortimer,     ]

Undercover Agent

[Russell Gleason, Shirley Deane, J.M. Kerrigan, Maude Eburn, Oscar O'Shea, Ralf Harolde, Selmer Jackson, Ray Bennett, Ralph Sanford, Dick Elliott, Lee Phelps, Walter Wills, Max Hoffman Jr., Ted Billings, Dave O'Brien]

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