Thursday, 16 August 2012

Frank O'Connor

Born: 11 Apr 1881, New York City, New York, USA
Died: 22 November 1959, Los Angeles, California, USA

A veteran of over 600 films and television appearances.

The Wrong Road (1937) as Man at auction (uncredited)

Frank O'Connor, on the left, watches Rex Evans, in the glasses, get excited at an auction.

Millionaires in Prison (1940) as Frank, Prison guard

Frank is on the left, with Thurston Hall and Raymond Walburn.

Ellery Queen, Master Detective (1940) as Ambulance driver (uncredited)

Frank O'Connor is on the right. The other two in the picture are Lee Phelps and Charles Lane.

The Gay Falcon (1941) as Policeman in street (uncredited)

 With George Sanders.

A Date with the Falcon (1942) as Policeman at accident (uncredited)

With Allen Jenkins.

The Falcon Takes Over (1942) as Detective (uncredited)
Frank O'Connor brings in Gayle Mellott.

The Big Street (1942) as Police Captain at Holland Tunnel (uncredited)

Frank O'Connor is in the foreground on the left of the picture, with Charles Cane, Dewey Robinson, Henry Fonda and Lucille Ball.

The Falcon in Mexico (1944) as O'Connor, policeman (uncredited)

Frank O'Connor is on the phone, while Tom Conway and Greta Christensen kiss.

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