Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Sally O'Neil

Born: 23 October 1908, Bayonne, New Jersey, USA
Died: 18 June 1968, Galesburg, Illinois, USA

Sally O'Neil was a vaudeville performer and a film actress who moved to Hollywood with her sisters Suzanne and Isabel after their father died. Her real name was Virginia Noonan and it was changed when she began working in silent films in Hollywood.

Sally O'Neil was chosen as a WAMPAS Baby Star of 1926.

Not to be confused with Sue O'Neil, who was actually Sally's sister, later called Molly O'Day. Many sources get the listings of films for each of these actresses mixed up.

Show of Shows (1929) as Herself

Sally O'Neil is on the left with her sister Molly O'Day. In this MGM spectacular many silent actors and actresses were given their first speaking roles.

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