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Molly O'Day

Born: 16 October 1909, Bayonne, New Jersey, USA
Died: 15 October 1998, Avila Beach, California, USA

Molly O'Day was a vaudeville performer and a film actress who moved to Hollywood with her sisters Virginia and Isabel after their father died. Molly, who's real name was Suzanne Noonan, was the youngest of 11 children. She changed her name to Sue O'Neil when she entered the movie industry and her older sister Virginia changed her name to Sally O'Neil. The two sisters' identities in films have often been confused, especially by modern day casual film enthusiasts and historians. In fact, as of writing, the IMDB have many of Molly O'Day's entries, when she was known as Sue O'Neil, on the Sally O'Neil page.

Sue O'Neil worked for the Hal Roach Studios on films starring Glen Tryon, Clyde Cook and Charley Chase, amongst others. When O'Neil signed with First National Pictures in 1927, they tried to change her name to Kitty Kelly until an appeal was lodged by an actress of that name in New York, and so she became Molly O'Day. The actress Kitty Kelly according to IMDB was born as Sue O'Neil! Oh, dear!

Molly O'Day was chosen as a WAMPAS Baby Star of 1928.

Yes, Yes, Nanette (1925) as Nanette's Sister (Credited as Sue O'Neill)

This was Sue's/Molly's first on-screen appearance. It was co-directed by Clarence Hennecke and Stan Laurel, starred James Finlayson and featured Oliver Hardy.

    A clip of Sue O'Neil / Molly O'Day in 'Yes, Yes, Nanette'.

His Wooden Wedding (1925) as Bridesmaid (uncredited)

Charley Chase and Katherine Grant are the bride and groom. Sue O'Neil is on the far right of the picture, over Grant's left shoulder.

Wandering Papas (1926) as Susie, the Hermit's Daughter (Credited as Sue O'Neill)

This Clyde Cook short comedy featured Oliver Hardy and was directed by Stan Laurel.

    A clip of Sue O'Neil / Molly O'Day in 'Wandering Papas'.

Dizzy Daddies (1926) as Irma Haig, Jonathan's Younger Daughter (Credited as Sue O'Neill)

    A clip from 'Dizzy Daddies' with Mildred June and James Finlayson.

45 Minutes from Hollywood (1926) as Orville's Sister (Credited as Sue O'Neil)

This Glenn Tryon short comedy was Molly O'Day's only appearance in a film with both Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy in the cast although she had worked with them both before in the comedy shorts 'Yes, Yes, Nanette (1925)' and 'Wandering Papas (1926)', both of which featured Oliver Hardy and were directed by Stan Laurel.

    Here's the breakfast table clip from '45 Minutes from Hollywood'.

The Patent Leather Kid (1927) as Curley Boyle, the Golden Dancer

    A clip from 'The Patent Leather Kid' showing a pivotal moment in the film.

Show of Shows (1929) as Herself

Molly O'Day is on the right with her sister Sally O'Neil. In this MGM spectacular many silent actors and actresses were given their first speaking roles. The full clip can be seen in the episode of 'The Ladies of Laurel and Hardy', a video featured at the bottom of this post.

Gigolettes of Paris (1933) as Paulette

    A clip with Madge Bellamy from 'Gigolettes of Paris'.

Bars of Hate (1935) as Gertie

    Molly O'Day in a scene from 'Bars of Hate' with 'Snub' Pollard.

The Law of 45's (1935) as Joan Hayden

   A clip with Molly O'Day in 'The Law of 45's'.

Other Videos

    The Ladies of Laurel and Hardy - Episode 2 - Sue O'Neil

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