Tuesday 28 May 2013

Ed Brandenburg

Born: 15 May 1896, Owsle County, Kentucky, USA
Died: 21 January 1969, Los Angeles, California, USA

An actor and stunt man mainly associated with the Roach Studios from silent days. Ed, like his brother Chet Brandenburg, was never given a character with a name. He made his career out of playing bit parts, walk-ons and crowd extras as well as doing stunts for bigger stars.

Dizzy Daddies (1926) as Cab Driver (uncredited)

Gertrude Astor is seated in the back.

Monkey Business (1926) as Patrol wagon driver

The Second Hundred Years (1927) as Driver (uncredited)

With Bob O'Connor.

Love 'Em and Weep (1927) as Mrs. Ricketts Cab Driver (uncredited)

Okay Toots! (1935) as Irate Motorist's Brother (uncredited)

Ed Brandenburg with a rare speaking role, with Charley Chase.

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