A Celebration


  1. Sorry but BORIS KARLOFF for instance is everything excepted a "forgotten" actor. Dozens of his movies are available on DVDs and BluRays, or shown frequently on TV, or even shown in theaters (in Paris for instance).

  2. James Stewart and Jane Wyman are not forgotten actors right now there are a few different groups on their careers on Facebook and people are posting stories and photos. Plus, I recently participated in a monthly film series at my local library where two films were screened starring Jane Wyman they were All That Heaven Allows (1955, Universal-International) and The Doughgirls (1944, Warner Brothers). Both screenings were standing room only. I also noticed that many actors and actresses you have listed like Kathryn Bryon were British and perhaps came to Hollywood to make one or two films but they were never popular here in the States if they were not terribly popular then how can they be forgotten then. There were some on your list that I never even heard of.

    1. You seem to be dwelling too much on the semantics. The word 'forgotten' was used off the top of my head and could quite easily have been another word. In the post 'A Celebration' I explain that the purpose of the blog is to put faces to names (it is also in the sub-heading) and that the more famous actors are included to provide a more complete experience. Opinions on who is forgotten and who isn't is a pointless argument and would depend on your age and interest in classic films, but I am open to discuss corrections and updates.

  3. You should add Billy Hughes (Jr.) to your site. He was a very talented kid actor who unfortunately had his career taken from him by a well-meaning but misguided custodial grandparent.