Friday, 4 June 2021

John Dunsmuir

Born: 17 February 1876, Argyll, Scotland, UK
Died: 1953, Chatham, Kent, England, UK

The Golf Specialist (1930) as House Detective (uncredited)

John Dunsmuir is on the right, with Johnny Kane.


  1. Some confusion exists about him (for me at least). This is the only film I've seen with him. He's credited in 'The Thin Man', but it's actually Jack Irvin in that role. IMDB has him credited as both 'Deep Sea' and 'House Detective' in 'The Golf Specialist', and also has Irvin credited (correctly) as 'Deep Sea'. Jack Irvin is clearly established and credited in 'The Line Up', so with this picture it clears that up. Thanks for posting, I was wondering about who was who. Too bad 'Enemies of the Law' is lost.

    1. Yes, IMDB has completely messed up the entry for this short comedy. My opinion is that allowing everyone to suggest alterations to entries in IMDB and not checking their facts properly causes some of the actors to be wrongly identified. It has tripped me up many times. The best way to identify an actor is to find other source material (e.g. old magazine pictures) and also compare their participation in other films. We all make mistakes including IMDB, but it would be nice if they tried a bit harder to get their facts right, seeing that they are a multi-million dollar company. I sometimes rely on the comments on this blog to point me in the right direction. Thanks for your comment.