Friday, 16 November 2012

John Boxer

Born: 25 April 1909, London, England
Died: 22 August 1982, Sussex, England

John Boxer's career as a supporting actor was prolific. He acted in anything from major box office successes such as 'Bridge on the River Kwai (1957)' to small second features like 'Emergency (1962)'. He was also to be found on television in the UK from the mid 1950s until his death. His last film was one of the biggest of all time, 'Gandhi (1982)'.

The Halfway House (1944) as The Doctor

The Ship That Died of Shame (1955) as Customs Officer (uncredited)

Bernard Lee is in the foreground.

Emergency (1962) as Prison governor

Other Works


1929 Sep 16 - Nov 23 Secrets Playing Mary Marlowe and Lady Carlton. Comedy Theatre, London.
Other members of the cast include: Hubert Harben, Henry Daniell, Norman Pierce (Replaced by H. Worrall-Thompson), Norman Page, Leslie Stokes, Harold Reese, Arthur Hickson (Replaced by Ian Macdonald), Fay Compton, Henry Vibart, Violet Farebrother, Louise Hampton, Cherry Cottrell, Prunella Norman Page, Joan Edmondson, Violet Graham, Marjorie Harvey, Jane Comfort. Written by Rudolf Besier and May Edginton. 79 performances.

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