Sunday 2 February 2020

Betty Ross Clarke

Born: 19 April 1896, Langdon, North Dakota, USA
Died: 31 January 1947, Los Angeles, California, USA

Betty Ross Clarke toured with stock companies in the 1910s and then became a vaudeville dancer. She made an appearance on Broadway in a small role in 1917 in the play 'The Family Exit'. Clarke ventured into films around this time, starring in silent films from 1920 alongside big names like William Farnum, Lloyd Hughes and Fatty Arbuckle. Betty appeared on Broadway again in 1922 in the play 'The Red Poppy'. In the mid 1920s she appeared on stage in London and Europe before making the move to Australia. On her return to Hollywood in 1930, Betty made a few more credited appearances in films before retiring in 1940.

Four Wives (1939) as Nurse in Dr. Forrest's Office (uncredited)

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