Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Ralph Nossek

Born: August 1923, St George in the East, London, England, UK
Died: 5 December 2011, London, England, UK

Boon: Northwest Passage to Acock's Green (1986) (Season 1, Episode 7) as Walter Prendergast


  1. I have just come across him as one of the three leads in an old series from ATV called ‘Fraud Squad’ and I must confess I feel he carries his role very well, very believable in the character and in saying that, the mark of a true actor. Thank you very much for still providing good, sound entertainment. RIP

  2. Ralph Nossek was my grandmother's first cousin. His mother's family came from Warsaw. She was the youngest child and only daughter after 10 brothers. Everyone said it was lucky for her that she wasn't the oldest or she would have had no life. I know Ralph had a sister called Lydia - I was taken to see her in her flat Marylebone when I was a child. Neither of them married or had children. I think there must have been more siblings but I don't know who they are. His mother's maiden name was Rachel Segenfield.

  3. How nice to see comments that give some background to people in a positive light but its rather shameful that this actor was not more, or better, known. Thank you for your comments as it kind of makes the day so to speak!