Wednesday 13 February 2019

Jane Lee

Born: 1912, Glasgow, Scotland, UK
Died: 17 March 1957, New York City, New York, USA
Jane Lee and her sister Katherine Lee were child stars of silent films during the 1910s and 1920s.
The Soul of Broadway (1915) as Grace's daughter
Jane Lee is the child, with Valeska Suratt. This film is now considered lost probably owing to the 20th Century Fox vault fire of 1937.
Dixie Madcaps (1918) as A Dixie Madcap

Jane Lee is on the right, with her sister Katherine Lee.
Vitaphone Billboard (1936) as Herself
Jane Lee is on the left, with her older sister Katherine Lee. Jane and Katherine talk their way through a song about their time as child stars in this comedic routine.
Cheaper by the Dozen (1950) as Teacher (uncredited)

From left to right are Jane Lee, Lovyss Bradley, Eula Guy, Eleanor Moore and Caryl Lincoln.

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