Sunday, 13 May 2018

Celia McCann

Born: 29 Dec 1911
Died: 24 Jul 2004

Celia McCann had an interesting voice and could have easily done cartoon voice work had she been born about 20 years later.

Narcotic (1933) as Prostitute (uncredited)

Celia McCann is apparently in this film and this is the only one of the prostitutes that looks remotely like her.

Maniac (1934) as Jo


  1. born Dec 29th, 1911
    died July 24, 2004
    She did cartoon dubbing in Spanish (she was Mexican-American). It's said she did the spanish voice for minnie mouse is old cartoons.
    And also it was believed by some that she was the figure they used to draw the 1930s snow white. (She had auditioned for the part of that voice - you're right her high voice was great for cartoons).
    Also, as an older woman, she played little old ladies in commercials.
    thanks for posting this.
    She was my grandmother.

    1. Thank you very much for the information. I have added the dates to the post.