Sunday 22 October 2017

George Kotsonaros

Born: 16 October 1892, Nauplie, Greece
Died: 13 July 1933, Eutaw, Alabama, USA

George Kotsonaros was a former prize-fighter, boxer and wrestler when he began his film career in silent films around the mid 1920s. He continued his boxing and wrestling careers whilst making appearances in a handful of films. Most of George Kotsonaros' film appearances are now considered lost. Sadly, George died in an automobile accident in 1933.

King of the Jungle (1927) as ?

This picture is from the trailer, which is the only thing that survives of this film serial.

The Wizard (1927) as The Gorilla

This film is considered lost.

The Fifty-Fifty Girl (1928) as Buck (the Gorilla Man)

This film is probably lost.

We Faw Down (1928) as One-Round Kelly (uncredited)

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