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Maurice Costello

Born: 22 February 1877, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Died: 28 October 1950, Hollywood, California, USA

Maurice Costello was a vaudeville comedian in the 1890's. He made his film debut in 1905 and became a star of the silent screen. He also wrote and directed films during this era. By the time sound came, he found it hard to get work in the film industry and he was relegated to non-speaking bit parts and background work, with very few credits.

Maurice Costello was at one time the father-in-law of John Barrymore and is the great-grandfather of Drew Barrymore.

Five Little Peppers and How They Grew (1939) as Hart (uncredited)

By the time Maurice Costello appeared in this film he had settled for small non-speaking roles. Here he is on the far left. The others are from left to right, Paul Everton, Dorothy Anne Seese (little girl), Dorothy Peterson, a departing Edward LeSaint and Clarence Kolb.

Other Works


1929 Little Theatre Tournament as Durand, Chief of Police (in the play The Yellow Triangle)
This production was composed of the following shows: The Monkey's Paw, Poor Old Jim, Thirst, The Yellow Triangle
Waldorf Theatre, Broadway, New York, NY (09/5/1929 - 09/5/1929)

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