Thursday, 20 October 2016

Jack Buetel

Born: 5 September 1917, Dallas, Texas, USA
Died: 27 June 1989, Portland, Oregon, USA

The Outlaw (1943) as Billy the Kid (Credited as Jack Beutel)


  1. I turned on the TV and The Outlaw was on. Ridiculously bad acting but both he and whatzerface were brand new actors. He had an Elvis, James Dean look. Too bad Howard Hughes pretty much owned him and prevented him from being in anything for the following 10 years. I hope he found happiness. It can be more miss than hit in an actors world. Because that movie was on, and it was on for SOOOOO long I didn't watch to the end, I googles him and now I know more than I EVER wanted to know about Howard Hughes. This was my Saturday night in Ontario, Canada during the third wave of Covid. I had one Pfizer shot two weeks ago, and the second one is this week. I was able to get mine earlier than some as I have just finished Chemo and I am immune compromised. To get a second one so soon after the first one is almost embarrassing. Ontario is in Emergency 'not quite Lockdown. This past year has been a nightmare for most people. So far my whole family has avoided it and I am SO grateful for that. I consider myself blessed to have cancer, surgery, chemo and radiation during Covid. I live alone so I am safe from people coming into my house. Right now we are not even supposed to gather outside in groups of more than five. We can't min households but one person can have a designated family members house hold to depend on. It is crazy and people can be really stupid. Conspiracy theories still abound, Trump was the worst president/person ever, but I knew that a long time before he even announced his run. He was an absolute idiot who only cares about HIMSELF, and he hurt his country by doing NOTHING of any value to save people from Covid. By the time anyone reads this 2020 will be ancient history, so 'Hi" from the past. I'm 61 and as healthy as I can be for a recovering chemo patient who had to go nowhere for a year (except the hospital each week, and the pharmacy). I may even be dead by the tie anyone reads this. I am Susan Eglin on Facebook. My advice to you, make good choice. Do things, help, serve, listen. I want you to make a life, however much you have left, that you feel good about. Service will ease your pain and you become an even better person. find a Book of Mormon and read Moroni. He is talking to you. Just like I am talking to you now, from the past. Do you believe I wrote this to you? Advice to my kids when they were growing up? Just don't be stupid. - Sue in May 2021. Almost there. AC. After (Covid.)

    1. Thank you for your comment Susan. And best of luck to you.