Saturday 23 January 2016

Gaston Glass

Born: 31 December 1899, Paris, France
Died: 11 November 1965, Santa Monica, California, USA

Gaston Glass had a varied career. Beginning as a stage actor, he appeared with Sarah Bernhardt in her farewell tour. Glass was a silent screen star in Hollywood from around 1917 and moved into sound roles seemlessly. His acting career all but dried up by 1940. During the late 1930s, though, Gaston had cleverly taken more of an interest in roles behind the camera and became a regular assistant director by the 1940s. He later also became a production manager and found regular work in television up until his death in 1965.

Desire (1936) as Second Jewellery Clerk (uncredited)

Gaston Glass is on the right, with Ernest Cossart.

Death in the Air (1936) as Lt. Rene La Rue

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