Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Ken Clayton

Born: unknown
Died: 2015

Nothing is really known about the career of Ken Clayton. He was in a few films as a bit player and had one lead part in a B-picture.

Lost, Lonely and Vicious (1958) as Johnnie Dennis


  1. Ken was a veteran of the Koran conflict where he was a radio announcer for the US Armed Services. In Ken's later years he continued in both movies and television as an "extra". He was regularly seen on TV in Dynasty, Dallas and Knots Landing and in the movie Jumping Jack Flash just to name a few. During his career Ken also did many TV commercials.
    Ken married late in life, late 1980's, to Phyllis Shaw Moreno and they lived in La Costa, Carlsbad, CA until 1995 when he moved to Del Webb's Sun City in Palm Desert.
    In Ken's last years he suffered with Alzheimer disease until he pasted away in 2015.

  2. I have his resume and headshot if you want to know more. He was with the klock agency his personal manager was henry rackin

    1. Can you e-mail me a copy of his picture? I'm trying to find out what he looked like around that time period since I knew a few friends of his. Here's my e-mail philarnoldjhs@yahoo.com

    2. Can you email me his headshot and resume? He was my cousin! joerussell1@gmail.com

  3. Kfuo radio. Kxlw radio cbs radio players as well.

  4. Kfuo radio. Kxlw radio both in st louis. And he did cbs radio players as well.

  5. Too bad he had such a brief career. He was a James Dean lookalike. He did a good job starring in Lost, Lonely, and Vicious. I guess for every Paul Newman or Steve McQueen, there are ten thousand qualified actors who somehow never made it.

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