Saturday, 17 October 2015

Louis Faust

Born: 28 May 1915, Negaunee, Michigan, USA
Died: 3 June 1997, Los Angeles, California, USA

Angel and the Badman (1947) as Henchman (uncredited)

Louis Faust is on the right, standing behind Bruce Cabot in the white hat.


  1. You have shown Hondo who was not my dad Louis Faust. In the scene clipped, my dad is clipped off and to the true left of the guy with the light-colored hat. Consider getting a clip with my dad. Thanks. Please contact me when you have made the change: joefaust333 in the Gmail system. Thanks.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I have now changed the picture to show all three people in that shot. Your dad must be the one on the right, behind Bruce Cabot. IMDB has it listed wrong. Don't know who the other guy is playing 'Hondo'.

    2. Hi Joe, it's nice to meet you. As you can see, my name's "Hondo"... I am confused, you said that your dad did not play the character "Hondo" in "Angel and the Badman" but I did a search on Google... "Who played Hondo in Angel and the Badman" and one of the links was for IMDB (internet Movie Data Base) and they had a list showing the full cast and they show your dad as playing the role of Hondo.

      Personally, I always thought that the guy on the left with the mustache was "Hondo".

    3. IMDB are wrong. They are such a big website that these errors creep in, sometimes the credits at the end of a film are also wrong. It is best to back up claims with other evidence.