Saturday 13 September 2014

Cecilia Parker

Born: 26 April 1914, Fort William, Ontario, Canada
Died: 25 July 1993, Ventura, California, USA

Made a lot of appearances in second features before finding fame as 'Marian Hardy' in many of the 'Andy Hardy' series of films starring Mickey Rooney.

Frankenstein (1931) as Maid Holding Tray (uncredited)

Cecilia is the blonde maid on the right.

Damaged Lives (1933) as Rosie

Riders of Destiny (1933) as Fay Denton

I Hate Women (1934) as Rose
Cecilia Parker is seated with her back to us. There are no close-ups of her in this film. Seated on the left is Barbara Rogers and the man is Wallace Ford. Not sure who the other actress is playing a character called 'Babe'.
Burn 'Em Up O'Connor (1939) as Jane Delano

Gambling Daughters (1941) as Diana Cameron

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