Sunday, 31 August 2014

Gerry Duggan

Born: 1909, Dublin, Ireland
Died: 27 March 1992, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

The L-Shaped Room (1962) as Bert

With Leslie Caron.


  1. Hi this is my grandfather Gerry Duggan. He was often recognised when we were out and about in Sydney with him, mainly for his role in Skippy and as Harker in "Goldfinger". He was a late starter, only getting acting jobs in his early forties but he worked pretty consistently on stage, screen and TV in both Australia and the Uk until he died. It's nice to see him popping up on tv and places like your blog. I hadn't seen this image before, so thank you. My dad said he'd met Leslie Caron when he was a teenager, now I know what the connection is!

    1. Thank you for your comment Liza. Your grandfather was very good in The L-Shaped Room and Goldfinger. I need to catch up on his other work. For Gerry acting seemed to be a natural part of his being as if he didn't need any training or directing. A wonderful actor with an effortless style.

  2. I don't know why i obsess so much over your grandfather and his acting but Goldfinger 1964 is one of my all time favourite movies. The golf scene is the peak of the movie for sure.