Monday 24 June 2013

James Griffith

Born: 13 February 1916, Los Angeles, California, USA
Died: 17 September 1993, Avila Beach, California, USA

A character actor making over 220 film and television appearances.

Buffalo Bill Jr.: First Posse (1955) (Season 1, Episode 10) as Doc Holliday

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  1. Yes.a forgotten actor. I first saw him in the sci-fi series Atom Squad as an alien who could morph. Jim did have an extensive career. Why he was underused I don't know. He did some decent drama and decent comedy. Despite the number of characters he played he is more than a forgotten is a rarely known actor. For his westerns he belongs on the b--westerns at the old corral website. As for Atom Squad not much of it has been saved. I believe when I saw it in very early 1950s it was broadcast live from Philadelphia. The assistant scientist\alien hunter made a good career for himself in tv comedy and detective. Check it out. Griffith died in 1993. Just a little too soon before I uncovered these rare actors of my youth and had the resources to contact them.