Wednesday 10 April 2013

John George

Born: 20 January 1898, Aleppo, Syria
Died: 25 August 1968, Los Angeles, California, USA
A silent screen actor who found work in all genres alongside some of the biggest stars of the day. Most of his work is uncredited, but he did have a more prominent role in the television series 'The Adventures of Dr. Fu Manchu (1956)' as Kolb. 
Dracula (1931) as Scientist (uncredited)
John George is on the 2nd left of this picture. Edward Van Sloan is in the white coat.

The Undercover Man (1949) as Onlooker at murder scene
John George is the short man in the hat. Joe Mantell is on the far left of the picture.
Mesa of Lost Women (1953) as Aranya's Manservant (uncredited)


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