Wednesday 13 February 2013

Lyn Evans

Born: 1898, Lanelli, Wales
Died: 1953, Burnham on Crouch, Essex, England

A charactor actor in films from the early 1940s. Very little is known about Lyn Evans' life.

Miranda (1948) as Inn landlord

Cloudburst (1951) as Chuck Peters

Mr. Denning Drives North (1952) as Mr Fisher

Other Works


1952 Stratford Theatre Festival, Shakespeare Memorial Theatre, Stratford-Upon-Avon, England and also London.
Othe cast members include: Ralph Richardson, Margaret Leighton, Mary Ellis, Anthony Quayle, Michael Hordern, Siobhan McKenna, Laurence Harvey, Raymond Westwell, Michael Bates, John Gielgud (London only), Diana Wynyard (London only) and Paul Scofield (London only) in the cast. Directed by Anthony Quayle.


  1. Lyn Evans was my father. He married a girl called Eden after serving in WW1. He had two daughters Catherine and Gabrielle. he divorced and some years later married my mother Margaret Jenkins in the late 40's I was born in 1950 and my father died from liver cancer in Burnham on Crouch, Essex in 1953 . His third daughter , my sister was born posthumously a few months later. . David Evans

  2. Thanks for your comment, David. I am sorry that you lost father so young. Just this small piece of information compells me to seek out more of his films and enjoy his talent. If you have any more detail of Lyn's life you want to share with us, feel free to comment here again. Best wishes. Ian T