Friday 30 November 2012

Gertrude Astor

Born: 9 November 1887, Lakewood, Ohio, USA
Died: 9 November 1977, Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA

A silent film star who was the first actress to sign a contract with Universal. Her transition to sound films was not a smooth one and this, combines with her age, relegated her to lesser roles.

Dizzy Daddies (1926) as A Former Flame, Little Eva

The Nickel-Hopper (1926) as Edsel's Mother (uncredited)

It is suggeested that the lady in the glasses is Gertrude Astor. The evidence put forward is that she is about the right age and height, and also that she was making films for Hal Roach Studios in 1926. There is only a brief glimpse of her face and it is contorted as she struggles with her instrument. On the right is Mabel Normand holding Mildred Kornman.

Come Clean (1931) as Mrs. Hardy
With Stan Laurel and Linda Loredo.

They Never Come Back (1932) as Kate

With Regis Toomey.

Crack-Up (1946) as Lady nagging husband on train (uncredited)

I Love Lucy: Ricky Loses His Voice (1952) (Season 2, Episode 9) as Chorus girl

Gertrude Astor is on the right in the stripes. Lucille Ball is in the centre of this picture.


  1. You have her death listed as 1877....should be 1977.