Thursday 29 November 2012

Eddie Conrad

Born: 27 October 1892, New York City, New York, USA
Died: 1 April 1941, Los Angeles, California, USA

Eddie Conrad was a vaudeville comic who used his talent to find his way into films in 1927 with his own movie showcase 'Broadway's Favourite Comedian'.

Lucky Partners (1940) as Nick #2 (Credited as Edward Conrad)

Foreign Correspondent (1940) as Latvian (Credited as Edward Conrad)

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    Cast: Just Around the Corner (1938 Film)
    Shirley Temple as Penny Hale
    Joan Davis as Kitty
    Charles Farrell as Jeff Hale
    Amanda Duff as Lola Ramsby
    Bill Robinson as Corporal Jones
    Bert Lahr as Gus
    Franklin Pangborn as Waters
    Paul McVey as Mr. Black
    Claude Gillingwater Sr. as Samuel G. Henshaw
    Bennie Bartlett as Milton Ramsby
    Eddie Conrad as French Tutor (uncredited)
    Leonard Kibrick as Gang Member (uncredited)
    Sidney Kibrick as Gang Member (uncredited)

    Cast members not on this list I could identify

    Just Around the Corner (1938 Film)