Wednesday 15 August 2012

William Alland

Born: 4 March 1916, Delmar, Delaware, USA
Died: 11 November 1997, Long Beach, California, USA

William Alland's career took off after he met Orson Welles just as he was about to set up his Mercury Theatre group. Alland acted on stage and radio productions including Welles' infamous 1938 War Of The Worlds broadcast.  He played a reporter in Citizen Kane before the Second World War found him flying combat missions in the South Pacific. After the war he became the producer of the groundbreaking radio series 'Doorway to Life' before turning his hand to feature film producing during the 50s and 60s.

The Falcon Takes Over (1942) as Reporter

Centre of the picture, William Alland looks down at George Sanders (The Falcon) disbelievingly. Allen Jenkins is also in the car and the man on the left, holding the post, is Eddie Dew.

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