Thursday, 1 September 2016

Gerald Pierce

Born: 27 April 1918, Drayton, North Dakota, USA
Died: 28 July 2011, Reno, Nevada, USA

Gerald Pierce had a 30-year career as a bit part actor. He appeared in some of the biggest movies of the time, such as Citizen Kane (1941) and Saboteur (1942). He began his film career during the silent era when just a child. When sound came Gerald continued to appear in films, hardly ever getting a credit, but mixing on set with the stars of the day.

Slightly Honorable (1939) as Delivery boy (uncredited)

Not sure which boy on the left is Gerald Pierce and which one is Bernard Matis. The other three in the room are Broderick Crawford, Pat O'Brien and Eve Arden.

Citizen Kane (1941) as Copy Boy delivering message (uncredited)

With Orson Welles.

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