Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Sam Buffington

Born: 12 October 1931, Massachusetts, USA
Died: 15 May 1960, Los Angeles, California, USA

Sam Buffington was a TV actor who appeared in occasional films.  He was a supporting player and crammed over 40 appearances into his short career, which was cut short by his suicide at the age of 28. His balding appearance were that of a much older man, which got him parts as doctors, professors and sheriffs as well as bartenders. He was appearing in the Audie Murphy TV western series 'Whispering Smith' when he killed himself.

Wanted: Dead or Alive: Eight Cent Reward (1958) (Season 1, Episode 16) as Hap Haefer, the bartender

Wanted: Dead or Alive: Six-Up to Bannach (1959) (Season 1, Episode 19) as Abb Crawford

Sam is on the right, with James Best.


  1. He was always so good. I like him as an obnoxious freeloader in a Hitchcock episode with Mildred Dunnock playing his sister. Sorry to hear of his suicide at such a young age. He could have given us many more years of excellent performances.

    1. Do you have any further information about the specific Hitchcock episode with Mildred Dunnock/ I have never seen but would like to.

  2. Look for it in Season 2, Episode 35, The West Warlock Timecapsule. I just watched it tonight from Netflix (Alfred Hitchcock Presents - 1956), and I also was impressed with Sam's performance. Enough that I looked him up, and found this website. I hope you see this soon. Andrea

    1. I would appreciate any information regarding TV and/or movies with Sam Buffington. I am doing some research.
      Please let me know what you come across. THX