Saturday, 24 September 2016

Fred Stone

Born: unknown
Died: unknown

Cash on Demand (1961) as Window cleaner (uncredited)

Not much of Fred Stone to see in this film.

Kevin Stoney

Born: 25 July 1921, Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh, India
Died: 20 January 2008, Chiswick, London, England

Cash on Demand (1961) as Det. Inspector Bill Mason

Kevin Stoney is on the left, André Morell and Charles Morgan holding the door.

Alan Haywood

Born: 30 November 1929, Coventry, West Midlands, England
Died: 6 March 1995, London, England

Cash on Demand (1961) as Kane

Alan Haywood is on the right, with Charles Morgan and Barry Lowe.

Charles Morgan

Born: 1909, Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales
Died: 2000

Cash on Demand (1961) as Det. Sgt. Collins (uncredited)

Charles Morgan is on the left, with Alan Haywood.

Barry Lowe

Born: 1925, Southport, Lancashire, England
Died: 12 December 2011

Cash on Demand (1961) as Peter Harvill