Sunday, 19 October 2014

Lynn Starr

Born: 16 August 1913, Oregon, USA
Died: 3 November 2000, Los Angeles, California, USA

The Yanks Are Coming (1942) as Vicki

Dorothy Dare

Born: 6 August 1911, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Died: 4 October 1981, Orange County, California, USA

Dorothy Dare was an actress and singer.

The Yanks Are Coming (1942) as Peggy

Jack Heller

Born: 1 May 1906, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Died: 15 July 1988, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

The Yanks Are Coming (1942) as Sammy Winkle (Credited as Little Jackie Heller)

Saturday, 18 October 2014

William Roberts

Born: 18 December 1921, Yolo County, California, USA
Died: 9 April 1997, Waldport, Oregon, USA

William Roberts was bit part actor who was given the lead in a couple of B-movies.

The Yanks Are Coming (1942) as Bob Reynolds

Friday, 17 October 2014

Lila Leeds

Born: 28 January 1928, Dodge City, Kansas, USA
Died: 15 September 1999

Apart from appearances in some 1940s films, Lila Leeds is most famous for being arrested with Robert Mitchum on 31 August 1948 for the possession of marijuana.

So You Want to Be a Detective (1948) as Veronica Vacuum (uncredited)