Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Joan Lazer

Died: 3 January 2015, New York State

A child actress who made very few appearances on screen.

The Undercover Man (1949) as Rosa Rocco

Joan Lazer in her only film appearance. In her role she showed great talent in displaying different emotions and it is a wonder she didn't make any more films around this time. With Anthony Caruso.

Other Works


1948 Me and Molly as Rosie Goldeberg. Belasco Theatre, New York, NY. 26 Feb 1948 - 10 Jul 1948 (156 performances) Directed by

Other cast members include: Gertrude Berg, Philip Loeb, Bessie Samose Blumstein, David Burke, Lester Carr, Arthur Cassel, Michael Enserro, Margaret Feury, Charles Furman, Herbie Hahn, Sarah Krohner, Henry Lascoe, Phyllis Liverman, Paula Miller, Eli Mintz, David Opatoshu, Sally Schorr, Louis Sorin, George Spelvin, Bertha Walden. Written by Gertrude Berg.


  1. There aro so many good and talented people we know so little about I wish we knew less about the famous. Joan Lazer is an actress, known for The Undercover Man (1949), The Big Story (1949) and Treasury Men in Action (1950)
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  2. The fact there were no comments on Joan Lazer made me write a comment.

  3. She passed away in Jan 2015